Can Hate Stop Fate?

Stella, a girl who works two jobs while living life in Chicago is taken for a big surprise when Harry Styles suddenly becomes interested in her. She constantly tries to turn him away but he won't give up. The question remains, can hate stop fate?


4. Chapter 4

(Stella’s POV)

The second I made eye contact with Harry I felt a chill go down my spine. I shook off the feeling and went back to the bar to get the alcohol that the boys asked for. I briefly thought about giving Harry just a shot of water and smiled, but as I was reaching for the water my boss leveled his eyes at me. I quickly grabbed the alcohol and poured out five shots. As I walked to the stairs that would lead me to the VIP lounge, I felt a pair of hands grab my waist.

“Excuse me, I’m trying to get through here.” I mumbled to no one in particular.

“No, I think you’re trying to hang out with me, ” a man said into my ear. For the second time tonight a chill went down my spine, but this time it was for a bad feeling.

I briefly tried to free myself from this man’s grasp but he just held on to me harder. I started to panic when all of the sudden I heard a voice from beside me say, “Let the girl go mate, I don’t want to cause a scene when I punch you in the face.”

My head shot to the left and all of the sudden I was eye to eye with Harry. A grin appeared on his face at the same time that the man let go of my waist.

“Yeah, whatever, man.”

“Stella, can I escort you up the stairs?”

“Uh…sure…”, I was still a little thrown off by everything that just happened in the past minute.

When we reached the top of the stairs and entered the lounge, I heard Harry whisper into Paul’s ear “Can you take care of the situation downstairs, I want the man gone.”

Wow, a guy has never defended my honor before. I was used to being harassed at the bar because it’s something that just comes with the title of being a female bartender. I had to admit that Harry definitely just earned some points in my book for what he did, but I was still annoyed with the way he carried himself as if everyone should just bow down to him.

I glanced over at Harry who was still mumbling something to Paul, and then raised my tray above my head and said “I have your shots here boys!”

Immediately all four of the other boys walked up to me and introduced themselves.

“I’m Liam, and this is Louis, Niall, and Zayn. You obviously already know Harry since you denied him which caused us to have a moody Harry on our hands all day, ” he said with a smile.

I smiled at Liam and instantly knew I would like this guy. Why couldn’t all guys be this nice?

“Well you’re welcome for that! Here are your shots, I poured you some Patron.”

Niall immediately reached for his shot and downed the whole thing within a second.

“Yeah…Niall likes tequila,” whispered Zayn.

I laughed and handed out the rest of the shots. I grabbed the last one and turned to see Harry just staring at me.

“Would you like to take a shot with me?” Harry said.

“I only poured fi…”, I couldn’t even finish my sentence before Liam handed me his shot. “I’ve already had too much to drink tonight and I have to keep an eye on the boys so they don’t do anything too dumb that could get us in trouble with Uncle Simon.”


“To you, Stella” Harry said as we clinked our glasses together before tipping our heads back and swallowing the shot.

“Do you always dedicate your shots to the girl you’re trying to sleep with that night?” I said before I could stop myself.

I heard a loud laugh from my right and turned to see Louis rolling on the floor laughing while pointing at Harry. “This is the greatest…thing…I’ve ever heard…somebody say to Harry!”, Louis said in between laughs.

I turned back to Harry to see him glaring at Louis before he looked back to me and said, “No, I actually don’t, but you’re welcome for that free shot.”

I cocked my head to side as I listened to Harry’s sarcastic comeback to me. I could always appreciate sarcasm from a man.

“Okay, you’re right, I was rude. Thank you the shot but I better be getting back to work now.”

“Can’t you stay for a few more minutes? We haven’t actually had a real conversation and I’d like to get to know you better.”

“My boss would kill me if he knew that I was up here just talking to you, and probably kill me twice if he knew I just took a shot with you.”

“Well, what time do you get off then?”

“I get off at one.”

“The bar doesn’t close till two, will you join me up here after that?”

I stared at him for a few seconds before I smiled my biggest smile and said “No, I won’t. Have a great night getting wasted though so that I can have a great time cleaning up your mess!”

I turned around and headed to the stairs and as I was walking down the stairs I heard Harry say, “Boys, come here!”

(Harry’s POV)

“Boys, come here!” I said the second Stella started walking down the stairs. What was with this girl that caused her to drive me so crazy?

The boys surrounded me within a few seconds and asked what’s up.

“I need to create a plan to get this girl to go on a date with me.”

“Well it sucks that your Plan A of just being Harry Styles failed you so miserably”, Louis said with a smirk.

“Whatever Lou, lets focus on Plan B then. What should I do to get this girl’s attention?”

“You could continually order shots?”, Niall slurred.

“Yes Niall, we really need you to drink some more. Next.”

“Write her a poem on a bar napkin?” Zayn shouted.

“Zayn…shut up.”

“How about you send Paul to talk to her manager and have Paul tell him that we will pay double what our bar tab says if we can have Stella up here for an hour after her work shift.”, Liam said.

“Hmm, not a bad idea. Paul! Come here, I have a favor to ask of you.”

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