Can Hate Stop Fate?

Stella, a girl who works two jobs while living life in Chicago is taken for a big surprise when Harry Styles suddenly becomes interested in her. She constantly tries to turn him away but he won't give up. The question remains, can hate stop fate?


27. Chapter 27

(Stella’s POV)

I woke up overheating. Harry’s legs were tangled in mine and he had his arm thrown over my stomach. That, along with my comforter, was too much. I threw off the comforter and Harry instinctively pulled me closer to him.

“Harry, wake up,” I said gently.

“Hmmm.” I laughed quietly at his response and knew I should probably let him sleep a little bit longer. I looked at the clock and it was ten so I figured I could go ahead and start making some breakfast.

Without making much movement as to not disturb Harry, I got out of bed pulling an over sized sweatshirt on top of my tanktop. I walked to the kitchen where Leah was already sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal.


“Hey girl,” I said as I walked over to the coffee maker where luckily Leah had already brewed a pot of coffee. I poured myself a cup and then walked to the table and sat down next to Leah.

“Ready to fill me in on all the drama from last night now?”

I quickly went over the night, starting with dinner and ending with how I broke up with James.

“Ouch, that’s pretty harsh Stell. I mean, he was in the hospital!”

“Yeah, well I figured we should just get all the pain out of the way at once.”

“That’s deep,” Leah said. “I need to remember that for when my non-existant boyfriend ends up in the hospital and I want to break up with him. Much better than the whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ line.”

I jokingly slapped her arm as Leah smiled at me. Leahs way of making anybody feel better was by making them laugh, and most of the time it worked.

Deciding it was time to change the subject, I told Leah I had a surprise for her.

“Ooo! What!”

“Well,” I said dramatically. “You, my friend, will be hanging out with Liam Payne today.”

Leah’s hands slammed down on the table on either side of her cereal bowl.

“Shut up.”

“Dead serious.”

“Oh my gosh!” Leah jumped up from the table and put her bowl in the sink. “I need to go make myself look good! I can’t believe you gave me this short of a warning!”

I laughed watching Leah run around the kitchen before heading off to her room.

(Harry’s POV)

“Whoa!” I said as Leah slammed into me after she turned the corner to the hallway that led to the bedrooms.

“Sorry Harry! I, uh, heard my phone going off and I need to answer it.” She continued running down the hallway but not before I saw her face go bright red. I laughed guessing that the real reason she was in a hurry was because Stella had told her we would be hanging out with the boys today.

I walked in the kitchen where Stella was sitting at the table with a smile on her face.

“Tell her about Liam?” I asked.

“Yup. How could you tell?” We both laughed and I walked over and sat in Leah’s recently vacated seat.

“Want some coffee?” Stella asked. 

“Do you have tea? I’m not much of a coffee drinker.”

“You are so British it’s ridiculous,” Stella said as she stood up to walk to the stove to heat up some water.

“Isn’t that why you like me?”

“Obviously,” she said as she smiled at me.

I laughed sitting back in the chair. It was so nice for once to have no drama happening in our lives. Stella walked over a minute later with my cup of tea and asked how my eye was feeling. 

“Not bad actually, so that’s a relief.”

“It doesn’t look too bad either. Should be gone in a few days hopefully.”

We sat in a comfortable silence as she drank her coffee and I had my tea.

“I was thinking, that maybe we could either all hang out at the hotel today or have the boys come over here? That way we can keep a low profile and not worry about the paps bothering us.”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me! We can have a chill day and then later tonight if you want, I can invite some of my friends over and we can have a little party or something.”

“Niall would love that,” I said with a smile. “I’ll pay for the food and drinks.”

“Harry, you don’t have to pay for it, it’s my place.”

“I insist,” I said as I got out my credit card handing it to her.

Stella looked at the card then at me. “Alright, alright. But next time, it’s my treat!”

I nodded my head yes but knew that I would never let her pay for that. I had more money than I needed and Stella was working two jobs so I wasn’t going to let her use rent money on something I could easily afford.

“Let’s make breakfast. What do you want? I can make pancakes, muffins, or I can pour you a bowl of cereal which is my specialty,” Stella said with a smile.

“Pancakes! I never have time to make them fresh on the road. I’ll help you,” I said as I stood up.

We started making the batter and when Stella wasn’t looking, I picked up some on my finger so when she turned around, I was able to put some on her nose.

Stella tried to act angry but we both knew she was joking.

“Babe, you really don’t want to start a food fight with me. I always win,” Stella said.

“You haven’t lived with Louis so I can guarantee you that I’m more experienced at food fights and how best to win.”

Stella raised her eyebrows at me and the next thing I knew she pushed herself up against me so that I slammed into the counter behind me.

“Harry,” Stella said as flirty as possible. “I always win.” Stella started leaning towards me and I closed my eyes thinking she was going in for a kiss. All of the sudden I felt a handful of batter hit the right side of my face at the same time that Stella pushed off of me and started laughing.

“Told you! It was too easy,” she said between laughs.

“Ha Ha,” I said, somewhat embarrassed at how easily Stella could distract me.

“You guys are so cute it makes me want to vomit.” I turned to see Leah in the doorway with smile on her face. I glanced at Stella and without hesitation we both stuck our hands in the pancake batter and threw a handful at Leah.

“You guys! I just showered!”

I walked over to next to Stella laughing as I put my arm around her. “Looks like together, we’re unstoppable babe!”

“That we are. Truce Leah?” Stella asked.

“Definitely not. I’m gonna get the boys on my side like that,” Leah said as she snapped her fingers.

Leah was definitely going to fit right in with the boys if she was up for pranks. Plus, ever since Liam became single he was the one leading them backstage so I already knew Liam was going to like her. I smiled as I started cooking up the pancakes knowing today was going to be a great day.

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