Can Hate Stop Fate?

Stella, a girl who works two jobs while living life in Chicago is taken for a big surprise when Harry Styles suddenly becomes interested in her. She constantly tries to turn him away but he won't give up. The question remains, can hate stop fate?


2. Chapter 2

(Harry’s POV)

The flush of shame was still on my face as the paparazzi bombarded me. I can’t believe a girl just denied me, much less a coffee shop worker. Does she realize that I could get anyone I want? I know my mom didn’t raise me to act like this but life in the spotlight made you start getting used to certain things..and girls were one of them.

I felt Paul nudging me forward through the crowd to where the black van was waiting for me with the rest of the lads.

I stepped into the van and closed the door so that finally I could have some silence from the crowd of fans and paparazzi. Before I could even close my eyes to relax for a second, I felt a hand slap me hard across the back of my head.

“LOUIS! I’m trying to get some shut eye mate!”

Louis, of course, couldn’t stop laughing as he said “I saw you talking to a girl in there, you sneaky bastard. Is it safe to assume she’s a mum?”

Now it was my turn to hit Louis across the back of his head. “Shut up! Just because I said in an interview that I would date older women so that we would gain a bigger fan base, doesn’t mean it’s true and you know that!”

“Whatever mate, just tell me about the girl because you were clearly agitated when you walked out of the door.”

I sighed, Louis knew me too well. “Well for one, she hates me. But she’s sarcastic and witty, and not afraid to be herself around me instead of one of those mindless girls that just laugh at everything I say. To be honest, it’s quite refreshing.”

“I see. So you didn’t get her number?”

“I asked her for it but as she said ‘as tempting as a british boy may be, I’ll pass on your offer’. Like seriously, aren’t our accents supposed to be an advantage over here in the states?”

Louis laughed at that while nodding his head. “That’s what all the girls say, but I guess there is one girl here that is able to resist the good ol’ Harry charm”

I slumped into my seat as I drank some more of my coffee. I needed to fix this situation with Stella. I closed my eyes and my last thought before drifting off to sleep was trying to figure out why the caffeine in my large coffee wasn’t keeping me awake.

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