Can Hate Stop Fate?

Stella, a girl who works two jobs while living life in Chicago is taken for a big surprise when Harry Styles suddenly becomes interested in her. She constantly tries to turn him away but he won't give up. The question remains, can hate stop fate?


19. Chapter 19

(Harry’s POV)

The clock finally hit 7:45 so I hopped in the van and told Paul that we needed to get to Starbucks by 8 to pick up Stella. I had spent all day freaking out about her text, wondering what it could be about. A short time later we pulled into the parking lot and Stella was already outside waiting. She walked up to the van and slid inside next to me but she wasn’t making eye contact.

“Is everything okay babe?”

“Um…kind of. Do you want to talk in here or go someplace?” she asked me.

I glanced to Paul and he looked at me in a way that made it clear he wanted us to stay in the car. Before I could protest though, he slipped a pair of headphones in that were connected to his ipod so I knew this was his way of giving us privacy.

“How about we just stay in here and you tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Well,” Stella started, ” I don’t really know where to begin.”

“Are you just still upset about losing your job?”

Stella was silent as she played with her hands. She still wouldn’t look at me and I started to get a bad feeling.

“Stella, you can tell me.”

“Um, this is kind of embarrassing to be honest but money is always a little tight for me which is why I work 2 jobs.”

I looked at her waiting for her to continue.

“And since I lost my bartending job, which is where the majority of my money came from, I need to obviously find a new one. I’m going to have to make up the money that I should have earned while I’m in between jobs and I just don’t know if I’ll have time to really see you anymore.”

With that she finally looked up at me. I could see the sadness in her eyes.

“We can hang out around your shifts though!”

“It’s not like you’ll be in Chicago forever, Harry.”

I guess I had been avoiding the fact that I was going to be leaving Chicago.

(Stella’s POV)

I waited for Harry to say something in response to my comment about him leaving Chicago but he stayed silent. It’s not like I could blame him, it was a fact that he had a job where he traveled a lot. I was sad that this relationship wasn’t going to work out for us but at least we wouldn’t have a horrible breakup, if that’s what you even wanted to call this.

“Harry, maybe I should go? Whenever you’re in Chicago again, feel free to give me a call.”

Harry pulled me in for a hug. I inhaled his scent knowing that it would most likely be the last time I would see him. I opened up the door and waved goodbye and then headed in the direction of my apartment.

(Harry’s POV)

I waved goodbye to Stella trying to show no emotion. I couldn’t believe that I had finally found a girl that I actually could see myself having a relationship with and we couldn’t be together. I wish there was a way I could give her money but I knew it would be awkward for her.

I sat back in my seat as we drove back to the hotel. I was leaving Chicago at the end of the week with no idea when I would be back.

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