Hands In Hand

Hands in hand with you as we walk the walk the path of love. So in love. So much to learn.


1. Hands In Hand

Just be yourself, don't ever come as

Some evil persons talk

Holding hands in hand together

Till eternity


You are my fortune, fate, and I am your luck

You are my mirror and I want to be your face


The best feeling..........I ever had........Is when we are together

Everytime I look at you, I wish I could just sit and look

At you till eternity, My heart has some special feelings


You are the light in the house, You are the handsome of the nature

You are the twilight of the morning, rising sun

You are the perfection of the perfectionist...................


If you ever betray our friendship, if you ever do, I shall not hear that

I shall die, It would be difficult to believe

As you have come in as my best friend

We have walked together for many miles


I wish and I pray that you always remain as

My sweetest most handsome friend ever

You came in my life as the sweetest most handsome

Friend I could ever have ever expected or dreamt of.........

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