I Would

Melanie is an ordinary teenager who loves One Direction. She will meet One Direction and won't regret it. When she and her friends Ana and Francesca move to L.A., they will find something they never expected: true love.


3. First Kiss


Liam grabs be closer. He leans in and presses his lips against mine. 

"Great job out there," I wink.

"Thanks, i couldn't wait to see you," i blush while Liam speaks.

We both walk while holding hands. 

"would this make us boyfriend and girlfriend?" 

"i think so," i smile


I give Louis a big hug. I smile and he smiles back. Louis grabs my hand and I blush. We walk outside of the building and into a car so we can go back to the apartment. As we sit in the car, Louis leans in and i start to lean and we kiss. 

"tomorrow im going to a party. i was wondering if you would wanna go with me." 

"of course!" i say and i give him another kiss.

we hold hands until we get into the apartment.


Harry comes off the stage and gives me a smile. He comes over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I smile and giggle. I just love the feeling being with the one person you've wanted to be with. Harry whispers to me," follow me." 

i follow him into a master bedroom.

"wanna stay the night with me?"

"of course." i say.

he grabs my hips and we start to kiss.




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