Joseph meets a mysterious girl on the beach, who is she? They quickly become friends but Joseph has feeling she isn't what she seems to be......


1. A meeting

Once, a very long time ago, a girl sat on the rocks of a fierce, menacing sea, the waves washed over the other rocks but somehow she seemed hardly wet. How do I know this? I watched her as I sat on the beach with my family ' Just some beggars daughter' they said when I asked them, for she was wearing a tattered black vest top, denim shorts and barefooted, her hair was tangled and matted but red as fire.
When my parents had gone for a swim in the sea was left alone on the shore, I didn't mind it I liked the sandy shore much better then the rough waves and strong currants. It was by chance a little tabby cat walked up to me and started flicking me with its tail. ' hey, pus' I said, the cat looked up to me with big golden eyes, they looked wise and the expression it had on its face was a curious but knowledgeable expression. I played with the cat for about 10 minuets but then it got up and walked a little way and back again as if it wanted me to follow it. 'Ok then pus' I liked the cat, what harm could be done by following it? I followed all the way to the border of rocks that ran along one side of the beach, the cat started to leap up on to the rocks till it got to the top, I followed cautiously, I didn't want to fall and break my neck on the rocks.
When I got to the top I saw some of the rocks were smooth and quite  easy to walk across. I followed the cat over the rocks sometimes jumping over big gaps until I got to the end and looked out to sea. Suddenly I heard a little meow from behind me I turned and saw the little cat sitting beside the red headed girl she turned around and I saw she has startling green eyes and long eye lashes. 
' you can join me if you want' she said, her voice was soft, the kind of voice that made you want to listen even the gulls stopped squawking for a second.
'ok' I said nervously, then she smiled, a small gentle smile.
' it's ok, I won't bite, come sit next to me' as I sat down a huge wave washed over us. 
' wow, that was a big one, look at Nala!' she laughed pointing at the cat ,which was actually Nala, who did not at all liked being soaked to the skin and her fur was flat down and she looked very odd indeed, I found I was laughing and soon me and the girl were both giggling uncontrollably. When we had stopped she asked my name ' Joseph' I said 'what's yours?' 
'Amy, Amy Seen.'

After that day me and Amy became friends we never told each other about our personal lives we just clicked, I didn't tell my parents, what would they say if they knew I had become friends with the 'beggars daughter' I didn't know if she was a beggars daughter, I never asked her. 
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