House of Hell

Once there were eight of them, now there are none, all because they didn't listen to what I was saying.

'Don't go there, You have been warned so turn back whilst you still can.'


2. The characters

Hi I'm Rosie, 13 years old and I believe in ghosts and stuff. I love music and cats..

My best friend Jess is 15 and believes in ghosts. Jess loves any animals from cats to wolves to chickens.

My other best friend Alix. She is 14 and believes in ghosts. She loves animals especially horses and is very creative, by drawing and making things.

Another good friend is Georgia. She is 13 and doesn't believe in ghosts she thinks were crazy for doing so. She is a music lover her favorite is Maroon 5 and Lana Del Rey.

Yet another is Ezmie. She is 13 and doesn't believe in ghosts also is a good music lover and she can be shy, when you get to know her she is a crazy nut haha

One more mate is Ciara. She is 12 and absolutely awesome. She doesn't believe in ghosts. Like me, she is a big fan of One Direction.

My good friend Beasley. We call him ginger ninja (cos he's ginger) He is so funny and a great friend to hang out with.

Finally is Owen, He is cool and is good to talk about games with. He loves games like Assassins creed.


These are my mates and I could not ask for better ones <3 

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