House of Hell

Once there were eight of them, now there are none, all because they didn't listen to what I was saying.

'Don't go there, You have been warned so turn back whilst you still can.'


3. Haunted house


Hey Rosie here with my friends....

Alix, Jess, Ciara, Ezmie, Owen, Beasley and Georgia

Me Jess and Alix have always believed in paranormal stuff like ghosts but everyone else don't believe us until we heard whispering from the house. It was whispering. "Come over here" We were all confused but what spooked us the most was a strong gust of wind blowing us towards this house. Me, Jess and Alix were scared and worried yet exited to experience this. Our other friends just shook their heads in disbelief they refuse to believe it. "It's just wind..." Ciara joked, mocking Me, Alix and Jess. "What about the whispering?" I asked. Ezmie raised her eyebrow at me "You really think were going to believe that? C'mon stop stalling..." She whined. "Fine" Alix replied in a monotone voice.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger but people on the street seemed to not notice it. They just was walking normally, how though? "What are you gals and guys up to?" A good family friend asked. "You can't feel the wind?" Beasley asked confused. He seemed confused. "What wind?" He asked. He just rolled his eyes and carried on walking.

I was grasping onto the gate praying not to be whisked away with the wind, as I was the smallest out of the group it was quite likely...

I looked at Owen and could see fear in his eyes. "Don't worry mate" I tried to comfort him, even though I was terrified myself... 

What was we to do now?

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