House of Hell

Once there were eight of them, now there are none, all because they didn't listen to what I was saying.

'Don't go there, You have been warned so turn back whilst you still can.'


4. 1 down 7 to go

I felt a hand tug at my leg as we fought against the was tough me and my mates all hung onto one-another, wishing this was just some night mare that they'd soon wake up from. Slowly the force of the wind was getting stronger and stronger and it was unbearable. We all looked at eachother with the same idea in mind. Slowly we shuffled our feet towards the house, not wanting to do this.The wind was slowing down as we got closer to the dreaded destination. I had once had nightmares about this house, in the nightmare the door opened and gulped me inside savoring my flesh like it was his last meal. "Don't go in" I yelled over the strong power of the wind. "And why not?" Georgia asked. "Because it dosen't look safe" I replied. "No Really!" Ezmie said sarcastically. "You'll regret it, i've had nightmares about this." I tried to tell them but they wouldn't listen. "Please, like were going to believe some nightmares" Ciara teased, dragging my arm. "Fine" I said letting out a heavy sigh. The trouble is that I always give in so easily, all my friends knew that. I knew this was a bad idea but something was telling me to go in.

We were all scared I could see it in their eyes. We approached the door and gently placed my knuckle on the cold hard door, giving it a light knock, to afraid to move. The door swung open and suprised us all as a voice beckoned us in. "Please come in, i'm all alone" A squeaky voice whispered, I gulped and turned to Beasley. "Please" The voice beckoned again, before a strong wind blew us in knocking us to the ground as the door slammed shut. We stayed huddled together, not wanting to move but wanting to wake up in the soft warm bed. "Help" Ezmie squeaked, she was so scared, as of all of us. "Come upstairs, I feel alone" The same voice pleaded, we all remained stationary, as if we've been glued to the floor. "I SAID COME UPSTAIRS!" The voice shreaked, echoing round the whole house. It sent a chill down my spine. We all shuffled upstairs not daring to let one-another out eachothers sites. We heard giggling as we approched the top of the staircase were the creaky floorboards and rotting doors remain. It was as if we were all seeing things as a little girl ran past us, floating. She had a white cloak and left a cold must behind her.

"Owen.." The voice said. We all turned to him, confused. As if a force pushed him he went into the room the voice was from. We were all pretified. Suddenly, snapped out of our thoughts we heard a loud shriek and laughter coming from the room. Without thinking we rushed into the room to find Owen sat against the wall. He had a dagger in his throat and his eyes lay open. Blood was still pouring out of his neck as I sobbed into Jess' sholder. He was a good friend but not he has gone to a better place than this hell hole.

We all wept as we lay on the ground, huddled together. When will this nightmare end?

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