The Hive

The Hive

'Genetic science one day will decide all that lives, all that survives, and all that is created.'

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2. Chapter 2

‘Why should we restrict the human race? If science can build it, then it should be created...’     

  Dr J Marshall .’The Origin Of Species - Destroyed By Science.


The metal stairwell was filled with the deafening sound of the Klaxon alarm, mixed with the loud clattering of Proffessor Caroline Herdmore's high heel  shoes as she climbed the stairs as quickly as her legs could carry her. The unpainted handrail that she clasped tightly was cold to touch and the sweat from her hot palms left a trail of wet prints behind her. Out of breath from running up three flights of stairs, she finally reached the large glass and aluminium door with a small engraved sign above it saying 'Observation Room.'  A red beacon flashed above the door in the dimly lit corridor, alternating the colour of her face from her pale complexion to bright red.  As she swiped her identity card across the electronic entry system, three small green L.E.D. lights flashed on the door and a closed circuit television camera gave out a gentle buzz as it surreptitiously spun around to face her. The door beeped three times and small valve released compressed air, hissing loudly as it forced the door automatically open at high speed, stopping with a thud as it hit two large rubber buffers. The room hummed with the electrical resonance from the mass of monitor screens covering the far wall. Caroline shuddered as she entered the room as her sweating body tried to adjust to the cold air conditioned atmosphere. In front of the screened wall was a long control desk which was approximately four meters in length, constructed in grey galvanised steel and scattered with flashing L.E.D.s, digital meters, toggle switches, a keyboard and a monitor. Although Caroline had dealt with 'code red' situations many times before, they always made her feel uneasy; she could feel her heart rate increasing so much it was starting to hurt her chest. Her face flushed red and began to gently burn under her eyes and around her nostrils.

A small Chinese man in a white boiler suite was standing in front of the monitor wall, staring intensely at one of the screens, 'we have another one, Caroline', he announced as he turned to face her.

'How long has she been trying to escape?'

'Three hours now, she has followed the same pattern as the others, exploring section A and moving down to D, she probing like hell at the moment.'

Caroline moved towards the monitor wall, and started scanning the monitors looking for section D. 'Monitor 32' the man told her, noticing she was having trouble finding the correct monitor.

'Have you sealed off the area?' she asked.

'I have followed protocol seven, so she is not in a sealed area yet.'

'Good work, thank you,' she replied anxiously. Caroline focused on monitor 32, and stood motionless, watching as the creature desperately tried to climb the wall. `'Please stop' she whispered in the direction of the monitor as if the creature was capable of hearing her softly spoken voice. She picked up a small electronic timer and set it to count down for five minutes. Placing the timer on the grey control panel, she turned to look at the monitor, rubbing her fingers against her sweating palm as she watched the creature frantically grasping at the wall. It managed to peel off a strip of flaking yellow paint from the wall and press its dark clawed hand flat on the wall, gaining enough grip from the fine black hairs covering the first section of its leg to pull its body up a meter or two. Swinging its thin long black leg high over its thorax, whilst kicking its inverted jointed legs violently against the yellow wall it struggled desperately to get its other leg to grip against the shiny paint. The timer beeped quietly, it was almost inaudible over the background noise of cooling fans and humming monitors. Caroline gently flicked the small black button on the timer with her chipped finger nail. Looking at the attendant she request that he sealed section D. He looked at her and could see from her anguished expression that it pained her to make the request; he responded with a polite nod. She walked over to the control desk, the sound of compressed air being released at high pressure could be heard through the thick double glazed units that surrounded the observation room, signalling to Caroline that the area doors were being sealed. She looked towards the monitor wall observing the huge doors closing, their loud thuds reverberated like dampened bass strings being plucked in a cathedral crypt. The creature was now trapped in section D and the Klaxon changed pitch to let everyone know this; as it did so Caroline could see the monitor wall become alive with creatures, all crawling over each other, there were so many that the image on the screens became undefinable, just  a mass of yellow creatures. It was as if the monitor wall had become a window, a window that from outside was being attacked by a swarm of human size bright yellow creatures.

Caroline picked up a small leather bound book, opened it and wrote the date, her name and signed it. She then lent across the control panel and gently flicked open a red plastic cover labelled 'N2.' There were two buttons underneath, one red, one green. She paused for few seconds before gently pressing the green button. Above their heads a rumbling noise could be heard and after few seconds the red button lit up. Caroline could not bring herself to look up at the monitor wall anymore, all she felt now was an unbearable churning in her stomach that made her want to vomit. She closed her eyes to try to subdue the sickness; as she did so, she pushed really hard on the flashing red button with the palm of her hand, rotating her wrist after the button was completely depressed as if she was trying to squash a fly. Gas was released silently into the enclosed area, and in a few seconds the creature fell to the floor curled up in pain, its bright yellow abdomen wrapped over its head. It lunged forward throwing its body into the air and hitting the thick glass doors. Its body twitched and then fell still.

Caroline replaced the red plastic cover gently over the buttons, and turned towards the monitor wall. She looked at the dead creature lying on the floor, 'Technician' she said 'unseal section D, set to code green.' She swiped her identity card against the door exit panel, it shot open with a loud hiss. As she left the room she looked back towards the technician who was kneeling down in the corner of the observation room, stroking a small black dog.

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