The Three Wise Men

A political poem that genuinely came to me in a dream.
When a poor woman comes to her government to beg, they accept her plea.
But even charity is no simple affair in government.


1. The Three Wise Men

A young woman burst the palace doors.

Holding her child she struck the floor.

And cried and cried and cried did she

For but the smallest charity.


"My child has cried for days and nights

And myself will not live

to the end of this day

Only you can now end our plights!"


The Gen'ral on the left stared on,

Averting the gaze of the weak.

Madam Judge on the right stared on,

Only the King did decide to speak:


"Relax yourself oh lady dear!

We are your lords, the wisest of

All the land, and soon you shall cheer.

And your child's cries you will not hear!"


And so with no more than a clap

The King, his Gen'ral and his Judge

Sent each for a hundred and more

Accountants to count the cost.


And for a minute they did count.

An hour more did they consult.

And just one day did they compare.

Two days on they had their result.


The third day and the courts were sold.

The Gen'ral's approve came the next.

And so the King signed for the gold

To give the lady and her young.


But the mother had fled outside

To prostitute out far and wide.

To suffer and cry, hence survive.

Her child can no longer cry.

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