Old friend's New love's

It about Ciara who gets abused at home by her step dad and later falls for Niall along with her ex Harry who is slowly falling for her once again.


2. Starting and Ending

  "Yo who's the sexy ass curly freak? Ciara,are you ok?" My cousin said to me as she noticed my tears rolling over my cheeks. I nodded assuring her I was ok , even though I said I was ok she ran towards me with open arms held me close and whispered "It's ok he wasn't that cute anyway." She always knew what to say to make someone smile or laugh."Hey what time is it?" I ask pulling myself together . "Um 3:00 . Why?" Oh shit! "I have to go! " I yell running in the other direction. "Wait! Ciara is he still beating you?"My cousin asked pulling my arm lightly to where I was facing her. "He never stopped." I said looking away. She pulled me close "Ciara , you have to do something about this. It's not right the he treats you !!" she yelled ."I know but I have to go or I might get in more trouble." She pulls me in again . "Your strong , you know that right?" I nodded and ran home , to face yet another nightmare.

           ****Later at home****

"Hey Ciara!!! How was your day terrible hopefully?!" My step-dad yelled walking trough the door. Thank god he sounds sober he called me by my name! Wonder how long this will last "Um it actually was." I said still cleaning . "What happened today."He said throwing his work  hat down. "Well Mr.Q got on my case again. I got detention and that Styles kid is still on my list of problems." I said finishing the dishes I was washing. "Sounds great!! Dinner . Now." he demanded walking to his room . "Already done!" I yelled back opening the oven to reveal a fresh lasagna . "Oh you being an over achiever today huh bitch!!" he yelled sounding like he had been drinking it must've just kicked in. "N-n-no sir!" I managed to get out "And Now you're lying!!!!!!" He yelled stepping closer . I was at lost for words then it hit me ; more like he hit me. He hit me again and again he even threw me at wall and kicked several times . "Now go to you room you little slut!! And don't come out until you how to behave!!!!!" I ran up the stairs and stopped at the giant mirror in the hall. I looked at my light brown skin and saw all the damage the main thing I saw was the red hand print on my face. Right next to the mirror was a picture of me , my sister and my mom that read  

     ' From Ciara, Xanairia and Michelle Valentine. Happy birthday Joshua Valentine!'

 "Why'd you leave us mom? Joshua left leaving me with Xanairia who cries herself to sleep, she goes and hides at Abuelita's house. Only if you knew what he does ." I said knowing know one would here me. I continued of to my room and added more clothes and money to my bag I'd been packing since I was 12 . It just sits under my bed with some rope and a ladder, waiting for it to be used. My phone started buzzing I answered it. "It's 9:00 was he sober?" Niall my best friend yet crush asked "Hello to you to and no my face looks terrible ." I lightly sobbed into the phone."Don't cry Ciara , you will always look beautiful no matter what . Now please open the window he just pulled out the driveway and it's freezing !" he kinda yelled. I went over to my window opened it feeling a slight breeze as Niall walked in covered in snow. He closed the window and hugged me. "You're strong Ciara, you know that right?" He said still hugging me " I really wish people would stop saying that." I said  breaking from his embrace and sitting on my bed. Niall followed soon after "Look Ciara , I just want to see you smile, last time I saw you smile was when Harry introduced you to me and the guys." I smile thinking back on that day . Me and Harry were dating for about 10 months and he still hadn't 'Got Any' but he loved me and decided to take me to meet his friends . As soon as we walked through the door I saw him . A blue eyed blonde hair amazingly attractive boy. Harry wrapped his arms around me and we began the introductions. That night Harry took me to his house since my stepdad was out of state. He tried to , well he tried to have his way with me but failed miserably . I became traumatized and I've hated him ever since but always loved Niall. "There's that smile I've been looking for." he said poking me in my dimple I laughed . We talked and talked about random things until we broke into a tickle war ; Sadly he was winning . He tickled me to the point where we both fell over. He Stared at my eyes the to my lips and back at my eyes "Can I?" he asked "Do It." 

Niall POV

 "Do it." was all it took . I leaned in and kissed her softly yet filled with passion. All the passion I had building up inside if me from the first day I laid eyes on her . She had her brown curls in a ponytail to one side her beautiful light brown skin radiating in the light as my eyes met her wonderful brown eyes they changed a shade of hazel and she turned away and smiled. I snapped back to reality to see her smiling that perfect smile showing her braces that blended In perfectly with her teeth (like mine!) "I've waited 4 years to do that." I said . And I meant it . "And I've waited 4 years for it to happen ." she said as I leaned in and kissed her again. "Ciara Fallen Valentine , will you please make me the happiest lad in the world and be mine?" I said standing us up. She giggled and said "Niall James Horan I will only if you make me the happiest girl in the world." I hugged her tight I didn't want to let go felling her in my arms made it feel like I had something worth fighting for , besides food! "Niall Babe it's almost 10:00, it wont be long till he gets back ." she said looking disappointed "Then I'll hide under your bed until morning!" I said truthfully .  "If you insist. Only if he does insult,  hit or yell at me. You cannot blow your cover. Understood?" I nodded . It hurt me to promise something like that, it's what she wants . I followed through with my word he came home , yelled at her a bit saying stuff like 'Die in sleep for all I care!'  or 'Good fucking night you little shit!' . It hurt me but when I heard his door slam I came from under her bed to see her humming quietly to her iPod . Headphones! Smart girl. She patted the spot next to her and I sat there. "Aren't you worried he might come up here and see you?" I asked quietly. "After a night like this, Nah. Watch you'll here loud snoring in 3, 2, ...." She was right his snores filled the house . I laughed and held her close "This is the start of a beautiful relationship." she said snuggling close towards me and falling asleep. It really was the start of an unimaginable relationship .
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