Old friend's New love's

It about Ciara who gets abused at home by her step dad and later falls for Niall along with her ex Harry who is slowly falling for her once again.


3. Not a total jerk

 Ciara POV

I woke next to Niall . I was slightly shocked but them thought back to what happened last night. I let my fingers trace over my lips as I closed my eyes and played that moment over and over again in my head. "Ciara Horan is my wife's name." Niall said in his sleep . I sat there and listened to what he said "I love her." and "Kiss me Ciara."he  even moaned "Oh yeah Ciara!" The last thing he said through me off  "I kept it it's in the-" He started to move and soon I saw those gorgeous eyes . "Hey der sugar cakes ." he said in his overly sexy sleepy voice. "Good morning babe." I giggled out. "Is Waren still here?" He said . Waren is my stepdads name. "No it's Saturday morning he won't  get back till Tuesday night!" I said rolling over on top of him . His hands soon found a spot around my waist. "You really are beautiful inside and out." He said to me with truthful eyes how was I do lucky . I leaned down and kissed him it turned into a make-out session . His hands moved from my waist to my bum I moaned into his mouth sending him over the edge . He rolled over so he was on top. His lips stayed in contact with my body as he kissed me passionately and left love bites all over my neck. He Tugged at my button up shirt . I started to undo it but he got frustrated and ripped it off. His hands explored my body , foundling my breast ,tracing along my curves , kissing my waist until he stopped "Nice tattoo , why a shamrock ?" he asked pointing at the shamrock tattoo on my waist . Woah!! He was shirtless I couldn't help but stare and besides he was mine I could stare all I wanted to ! "Um well MY dad is Irish and I like Notre Dame . And I've been told that even though I'm a woman I swear like an Irishman."  I giggled out . "Is it also because you're attracted to Irish men?" He said making his eyebrows dance. I started laughing even more. "Where we're we ? Oh yes !" Niall said kissing me again. Just then "Hello!!!! Pick up your phone !!!!! Come on answer me!!!!" "Nice ringtone Niall " I say sarcastically "Hello? Yeah , Um can I bring a friend ?" He said talking on the phone. "Great we'll be there soon! Bye Lou!" he hung up and stated at me . "Take a picture it'll last longer." just as I a said it 'Click' "If you say so!" he laughed "Where are we going?" I asked pulling out some clothes for the day. "To Louis' house for a pool party . Don't worry not a lot if people ." "Alright I'll get dressed then we'll head of to your place ?" he nodded and went downstairs . Though he did abuse me I still was spoiled rotten I got whatever I wanted! Especially when he got back from he's weekend away that when the real spoiling came in. I had many many outfits so I chose a simple pink and black bikini . I put on a white strapless shirt and some red shorts and simple flip flops. I put my curly brown hair in a side ponytail put on light make up and with that we left.  "I still can't believe this is your house!" Niall said staring at my house. I will say it is quite big but I didn't really pay any mind to it. "As if it compares to yours it's ginormous !!" I said as we backed out if the drive way. On our way to Niall's flat a Justin Bieber marathon was on the radio . Me and Niall sang all the way to Louis' house. We walked to the backyard where every thing was set up. With a giant pool to top the atmosphere. I watched as Niall jumped into the pool like a 4 year old. Just then arms were wrapped around me and I was flying into the pool screaming. I think I forgot to say something ? Oh right I CAN'T SWIM.

Harry's POV

"Hey mate Ciara is here!" a friend of mine said "Cool! Like I care!" I lied knowing I couldn't wait to see her beautiful carmel skin glistening with water .  Why would she even be here . I mean she loves pools and ocean's and junk .Only thing is she can't swim. And I'm the only person that knows . "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" A familiar sound of screaming came from the distance along with a splash. FUCK!!! "Ciara!!! I'm coming !!!" I yelled diving into the pool. I swam around till I saw her paddling for her life Literally . I swam to her she gave a slight face of disgust and started to panic again . I grabbed her and took her on to the surface where she just sat there shaking listening to my words . I told everyone to leave I didn't want her to be crowded."Just breathe forget everything but my voice ." I held her body close even if it was an indoor heated pool , it's still winter! "Isn't she lovely , Isn't she wonderful . Isn't she precious less than one minute old. I never thought true love would be making one as lovely as she . Isn't she lovely , made , from love." I whispered to her. I felt her smile against my chest. I saw Niall in the pool he mouthed 'Thank you' I guess it was true either Niall just cared for her or what I heard was true. All I really am thinking about is Ciara. And only Ciara. I was drunk that night I woke up the next morning and was devastated to see the note on my dresser. But it was my stupidity that cause our break up . Damn hormones !!! "W-Wh-Why? Why'd y-you s-sa-save me?" She stuttered out. "Because Ciara, no matter how much you hate me I would do anything in the world just to hear your voice , see your face or just to be near you. If I would have let you drown I wouldn't be Able to live with myself." I poured my heart out to her all wanted to do at that moment was kiss her. I single tear rolled down her cheek. I wiped it away with my thumb and she smiled. For the first time in 5 years I get to see her smile , because of me! "Well thank you. I guess your not a total dick head." She laughed out and we stood. She looked at me and smiled again . "I guess I'll see you later, I really have to find Niall." She said kissing my cheek. She kissed me! On the cheek , but still! Wait?!?! It was true!!!! But Niall , why did she need to find Niall?  As she walked away and found Niall they shared a kiss and he held onto her saying multiple things at once and shaking her. And again kissing her. 
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