Old friend's New love's

It about Ciara who gets abused at home by her step dad and later falls for Niall along with her ex Harry who is slowly falling for her once again.


1. Math and memories

 "Today class we are talking about the ..... Has anyone seen Ms.Reid or Mr. Styles ?" I heard  Mr.Q ask . So I'm Ciara or Candy to most people, but don't let the name fool you . The schools BadAss , But I have excellent grades so I'm a half-ass Bad ass. I'm trying to avoid some guy in my sixth period . He is HOT don't get me wrong but he is just too much for me to handle! (Total Flirt!) Not Only that but he is such a player! "I'm here!" I yell as I walk through the creaky classroom door . "Ms.Reid shall the principal warm up your detention seat or Sign your suspension sheet." Mr.Q asked . He is one of my worst teachers ! He doesn't like me because I corrected a couple (Whole page ) of problems! So every thing I do is "Wrong!" a voice that I dare name called out. "Make that 2 of each Mr.K! " he said snaking his muscular arm around me. "It's 'Q' Styles not 'K' do we really need to go over our alphabets again!" I said removing his arm and drawing the letters in the air . After the class has its little laughing fit we are all told to be seated and wait for further instructions. Which didn't take long for Mr.Q to call me up to Answer the question on the board. 155.5-57[27x76]=? "Easy."  I said under my breath. "It's -116808.5 !" I exclaim . He seemed annoyed I already knew what was next . " Ok Speedy Gonzales , Multiply it by 12 then divide by 3!" Mr.Q yelled . All eyes turned towards me . Did he think I was in first grade. "It's 
-467234!! And divide it by 9 and you get -51914.888888!!" I said crossing my arms as the class 'Ooohhhhhh'd in astonishment. "Anything else ? Or can I sit down?" I told you I'm a half ass bad ass! After class is science or in other words Ditch!! I usually skip science to go see my cousin Veronica , also a badass. "Well it took you long enough!" she says getting of the swings at our hidden park. " Sorry I had to tinkle!" I say doing a terrible potty dance. "Um who is the plus 1?" she says pointing behind me . "Who? What the- STYLES!!!!!! Are you following me?!?!" I yell out. "No I used to always come here . Me and my best friend CeCe, I haven't seen her -Well the real her in ages!" He says looking at me with a raised eyebrow . "Look styles- Harry you know exactly why we aren't friends anymore." I said poking him in his chest, which was EXTREMELY toned! "Yep this sounds like a personal problem I'll be over here!" Veronica stated as she backed away. "Well maybe I need a freshener !" he says stepping closer . " A breath freshener , Yes. Memory not so much ." I said walking away. "Come on Candy , It was an accident ." He said grabbing my arm and pulling me gently towards him . "Don't call me that ! Look Styles it was the past it's done. Just.Like.Us." I said as I turned around walking towards my cousin wiping away the tears from the memories I tried to forget
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