New Kid

A group of Best Friends are split up and fighting when a new girl called Elise arrives.


6. The sleepover

Elise's Pov: I dont want to be in the middle of a fight but Sammy told me everything. I feel so bad. I am the reason the girls are fighting. Sammy and Lucy hate Jade because she is taking me away and ignoring the others. Sarah is left alone because her best friend has left her. It is all because of me. Maybe i should just leave.

At school today I decided something to help get the girls back together. I invited them all over to my house for a sleepover tommorrow. They all said yes straight away and im getting really excited for my plan.

At my house i set up some games. We were in pairs but since i was the host I didnt play. I paired Lucy with Jade. And sammy with Sarah. Then after i swapped them so they each had everyone. The game was where I got them to stand in their pairs and I told one of them to shut their eyes while the other person stood behind them. I told the person with their eyes shut to fall backwards. At first Lucy didnt do it so i pushed her. Jade caught her straight away. Lucy didnt think Jade would catch her so she asked her why whe bothered. Jade said "because i dont want you to get hurt". Lucy smiled.

At night we were all talking, laughing and having fun. They all totally forgot about thier fight and I thought it was all over. But at school on Monday they were in a bigger fight i had made it worse. They were all arguing (even Sarah) about how they were better for me than the other person. It was all stupid!!!

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