New Kid

A group of Best Friends are split up and fighting when a new girl called Elise arrives.


5. Mistakes

Sammy's Pov: I so happy I'm friends with Lucy again but I'm mad at Jade because Elise was my responsibility to look after. At school jade was I'll so I went and sat next to Elise. She smiled as I sat down but in noticed that when Lucy walked past Elise gave her a dirty. What was with that. I just ignored that and carried on acting normal. At recess I went to go over with Sarah and Lucy but Elise asked if we could go somewhere else. I asked why and she said "I Hate Lucy". I thought she loved Lucy they are so alike. That was strange. In Maths I asked her why she hated Lucy and she replied "because she was trying to take Jason From Jade." omg this is all my fault. Why jade hates Lucy and why Elise hates Lucy. Oh no what have I done.
Elise's Pov:I told Sammy why I hate Lucy. She replied "it's not true. I told people that because I was mad at her. Please don't hate Lucy. Hate me". Wow she is brave for saying that. I went over to Lucy and said sorry and I was forgiven.
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