New Kid

A group of Best Friends are split up and fighting when a new girl called Elise arrives.


4. Make-Up

Jades Pov: I'm so mad at Lucy for planning to take my boyfriend. I told her to back off because he was mine. But the thing is Jason (my boyfriend) saw me push Lucy over because i was so mad. Later that day he broke up with me for being a bully. Lucy ruined evrything. Its her fault that i pushed her. She is the one trying to take my now ex. I told her that i knew her little plan to take him but she just said, "i like Jason but i would never take him from you!!!"

Lucys Pov: Jade thought i was trying to take her now ex away from her. That is stupid. yea i like him but im not cruel. Today at school i tried talking to Sammy. Sarah helped me out a little. "hey sammy i need to talk to you. Jade told me what you did. You know i dont want to take Jason away from Jade. why did you tell people, including her, that?". Sammy replied nastly without hesitation, "i did that because you dint hang out with me or sit with me and left me looking like a loner. That isnt nice." That is when Sarah stepped in. "She sat with me because Jade had left me for myself with no-one to be with. She was just being nice and helping me out." Then Sarah walked away and left us alone to talk. "Lucy Im so sorry. I thought you hated me. Please forgive me Lucy," said Sammy softly. "Sammy i forgive you. I would have thought the same. Next time lets not judge each other okay?" Sammy smiled and we hugged. Im so glad to have one of my best friends back. But im still mad at Jade and want to be closer with Elise.

Elises Pov: Jade is awesome. She is so nice. I know she sent that text but she said sorry and i forgave her. I thought Lucy was nice too but apparently she was trying to take Jade's ex when they were dating. Now i think differently. I like Sarah and Sammy though. Sammy has always been nice and Sarah is really quiet and sweet.


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