New Kid

A group of Best Friends are split up and fighting when a new girl called Elise arrives.


2. Jelous

Jades Pov: I'm really jelous of Lucy and Elise. They have so much in common but I want to be Elise's closet friend. She was with Lucy all yesterday after Sammy left. Today at break I took Elise away with me so I could get her to like me not Lucy. "So would you like to sleepover on the weekend?" I asked her when we were going to class. "Sure is Lucy coming?" she replied. I just shook my head and gave her an "are u serious" look.

Lucy's Pov: I really wanted to hangout with Elise today but Jade took her away. For the rest of the day whenever she came to me I gave her a dirty look and walked off. I hope she stops taking Elise away. When I got home I found out that Elise is sleeping over at Jades. Why?!? I wanted her to come over to mine so I asked her to sleepover next weekend. She imediently declined. She texted me "no way i don't like you". Wait what I thought she really liked me. This is weird.

Jades Pov: I played an evil trick on Lucy. I sent her a text replying about the sleepover she wanted to do with Elise. Elise was outside and I deleted the Convo after so she will never know. Haha that's what Lucy gets for ignoring me.
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