New Kid

A group of Best Friends are split up and fighting when a new girl called Elise arrives.


3. First Fight

Lucys Pov: I'm so mad at Jade. Elise told me about the text because I showed her and she said that she never sent it. I hate Jade now. Today all she did was talk to Elise and take her away from the rest of us. Sarah has no one to sit next to anymore because Jade is with Elise so I sat next to her. After school I walked with Elise but she seemed totally confused about this. At school the next day I sat with Sarah again. At lunch Sammy walked right past me and gave me a dirty. Then when jade and Elise came over they too just walked past. Them Sarah came over but she was nice to me. I don't know what is going on.

Sammy's Pov: I know that Jade is taking Elise away from us and I'm not too happy. Elise was the person I was supposed to help out and be around. She has so much in common with Lucy. Today I told jade about Lucy's biggest secret. I told her about how she has always had a crush on Jades boyfriend and she is going to try and get him for herself. When Jade heard this she was so mad. Obviously Elise heard too. She gets what she deserved. She is the one who didn't sit or hang with me for 2 days. I thought she was my best friend. But maybe not.
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