New Kid

A group of Best Friends are split up and fighting when a new girl called Elise arrives.


1. Elise

Intro: A group of 4 best friends, all girls, all 14. Lucy is short with brown hair, she does hockey and takes singing lessons, she also does rock climbing. Sammy is short but taller than Lucy also with brown hair, she loves dancing and also does rock climbing with Lucy. Jade is tall with beautiful blonde hair, she is the most poopular, she enjoys shopping and netball. Sarah is also tall but has brown hair with pink and purple streaks, she is with Jade most of the time usually shopping but she does rock climbing with the others.

Lucy's Pov: I hate Mondays. It is the worst day of the week. At least i get to see my best friends. Today was extra boring because it is was exam week. I hate exams. I got to school just on the bell as i usually do. I had my History exam today. I love History. I studied extra hard for History. I got inside our exam room and sat down ready to think hard. The only downside was that i was next to the naughtiest kid- Brandon -he was so annoying. He kept bugging me all through the test but my mind blocked him out.

At recess i sat with my group. Sammy came about half way through recess with somebody i have never seen before. She sat down and introuduced herself. Turns out her name is Elise, she loves hockey and wants to be a singer. I like her already. We all introduce ourselves and we got along nicely. The day went on and Sammy went home sick so i sat next to Elise. She is really sweet and helpful. She is smarter than me and she is way prettier. She has gorgeous golden hair and sky blue eyes. She wears our uniform like a model but she isnt tall or short.

After school I walked home and Elise is renting a house just around the corner so we walked home together and i went to her house for a bit to do homework. We chatted for a bit then i went home to go to rock climbing with my besties.

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