Finding the One... Again

Niall Horans Cousin, Jamie, comes to visit her cousin on tour working as a assistant for the band, 1 Direction. She finds herself falling in love with one of the boys in the band, and her world becomes bombarded with the public eye.Jamie no longer is the small town girl who could go unoticed but someone who's being watched like a hawk. Finally it becomes to much for Jamie and she decides to leave the tour and the love of her life to go back home, only to find out her parents have died. With the grief of her parents loss Jamie becomes a wreck, and ends up in a car accident that nearly ends her life.Her cousin Niall comes back to get her and finds out she has amnesia, all her memories of the past year are gone. Niall decides to help make this a fresh start for Jamie and takes her back with him to the tour. Even though Jamie has no memories, she has the feeling of the bond with one of the boys is different. Will Jamie fall in love again? And if so will she choose to stay?


6. The boys are with her?

 Harry's p.o.v.

 Jamie came back with Niall after he had showed her the room she would be staying in. He still seemed to be mad about what I had said, and what I hadn't. The truth was I didn't know what I was suppost to say. That I hadn't  meant it? No he would be curious why I wouldn't tell him what I had meant. It seemed like letting her think I didn't like her would be a good thing but the way she had said I hadn't liked her hurt. If only she knew how much she was wrong.

  She went to the couch to my left and sat down next to Zayn. He smiled and threw his arm around her. She cuddeled into his shoulder and closed her eyes. I turned away I didn't want to see that, but at the same time I knew he didn't mean it romantically. Or did he?


Zayn's p.o.v

 Jamie closed her eyes and started to fall asleep. It was a good thing that she wasn't looking at me, everytime she did I couldn't think straight. Her golden hair was perfectly framing her face and I tried really hard not to look at her so Niall wouldn't notice I liked her. She was wonderful. I had only knew her for a couple hours and already I didn't want to see her leave.

8 hours later


Jamie's p.o.v.

 I woke up in the room Niall had showed me was mine. Zayn must have carried me to my bed room I had frogot I had fell asleep in his arms. Zayne was sweet but I didn't feel anything more than a friend affection for him but he seemed to feel the same way. So i knew things were ok. I layed in bed thinking of yesterday, and everything that happened, mostly about Harry.  It didn't make any sense. He started off the day by glaring at me, then he leaves , says he doesn't see me as a girl,as if theres something wrong with me . Still I couldn't help from looking at him.

 A knock at my door pulled me out of my slump.

  "Who is it?" I asked

 " It's Louie "

 " Ok come in."

  Louie walked in and jumped on my bed like a little kid. " Hey James want to go swimming?"

" Swimming?" I said.

 "Yeah, me and Liam and Zayn want to go to the beach. Thought it might let Harry and Niall have some time to talk."He said with a grin

 "So we aren't telling them?"

"Course not!" he said. "So hurry before  they wake up."

 " Ok let me change." I said. With that he left the room and I changed into a swimsuit and put on a tank and some shorts for the walk to the beach.


Harry's p.o.v.

I woke up and the bus seemed to be strangely quiet. " Hello," I said as I walked out of my room. No answer . Then Niall walks out of his room and sees me. Wonderful.

"Where is everyone ?" I ask.

 He points out the window." Beach."

 I look and see a girl being chased by three boys.

 " She's with the boys?!"



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