Finding the One... Again

Niall Horans Cousin, Jamie, comes to visit her cousin on tour working as a assistant for the band, 1 Direction. She finds herself falling in love with one of the boys in the band, and her world becomes bombarded with the public eye.Jamie no longer is the small town girl who could go unoticed but someone who's being watched like a hawk. Finally it becomes to much for Jamie and she decides to leave the tour and the love of her life to go back home, only to find out her parents have died. With the grief of her parents loss Jamie becomes a wreck, and ends up in a car accident that nearly ends her life.Her cousin Niall comes back to get her and finds out she has amnesia, all her memories of the past year are gone. Niall decides to help make this a fresh start for Jamie and takes her back with him to the tour. Even though Jamie has no memories, she has the feeling of the bond with one of the boys is different. Will Jamie fall in love again? And if so will she choose to stay?


9. Stage Time

 Harry p.o.v.

 We stood on the platforms that would rise up to the stage. I could already hear the girls screaming from above, but looking at Jamie smile from the side of the stage sent my mind  away from the concert. Only the platforms slowly moving up brought me back to reality.


Jamie's p.o.v.

   I stood on the side of the stage watching the boys sing. They were amazing. Their voices matched together like a puzzle. The concert was coming to an end when Zayn interupted before they were  fixing to sing their next song.


 Zayn's p.o.v.

   I had been singing, keeping an eye on Jamie from the corner of my eye when I knew I had to do something." Hey!" I screamed from the stage. I want to introduce you all to a good friend. Jamie come on out." I saw her freeze maybe It'd take some convincing to get her out.I walked off the stage and grabbed her hand.

 "Zayn, I don't think this is a good idea." She said. " It's ok, come on ." I walked  her out to the stage while holding her hand.


  Harry's p.o.v.

    Zayn held Jamie's hand as they walked onto the stage. Why was he bringing her out? 

"Everybody this is Jamie." Zayn said

  " She's my cousin." Niall spoke up.

 "And our friend." Louis said.

   " And my best friend." Zayn said as he put his arm around her. I saw her blush, It was cute but the fact that it was Zayn who made her blush made me mad.

   " Jamie's an amazing singer." Niall said. You want to hear?" The crowd screamed yes and Zayn handed her a mike.



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