Finding the One... Again

Niall Horans Cousin, Jamie, comes to visit her cousin on tour working as a assistant for the band, 1 Direction. She finds herself falling in love with one of the boys in the band, and her world becomes bombarded with the public eye.Jamie no longer is the small town girl who could go unoticed but someone who's being watched like a hawk. Finally it becomes to much for Jamie and she decides to leave the tour and the love of her life to go back home, only to find out her parents have died. With the grief of her parents loss Jamie becomes a wreck, and ends up in a car accident that nearly ends her life.Her cousin Niall comes back to get her and finds out she has amnesia, all her memories of the past year are gone. Niall decides to help make this a fresh start for Jamie and takes her back with him to the tour. Even though Jamie has no memories, she has the feeling of the bond with one of the boys is different. Will Jamie fall in love again? And if so will she choose to stay?


4. Harry's Plan

 Harry's p.o.v.

 As I walked out of the room I could tell she was confused. Her eyes widened when I hugged her. She obviously wasn't stupid, she must have noticed the looks I had been making towards her earlier.I had seen the shock on all their faces, but it was only hers I cared about at the moment. Her reaction replayed in my mind the way her face turned into shock was breathless, in fact her normal reactons were breathless. Her long golden hair framed her face in perfect little ringlets, making her blue puppy dog eyes pop. She was beautiful, but shes was Niall's cousin, even though she was beautiful I could not be with her, no matter if I wanted to. But knowing I couldn't be with her only made me realize that this was going to be a long summer.

Jamie's p.o.v.

  The boys had finally stopped  bombarding me with questions after about an hour. Still there had been no reapperance of the curly haired boy, who Liam had told me was called Harry. The name seemed to suit him, with all that hair and all. I was still confused why he had acted the way he did. When I had asked the boys they didn't seem to know either they said  that he never usually acted that way to a girl before. That I already assumed, he seemed like the type who had girls everywhere, but being who he was they were probally beautiful, unlike me.

 Is was about time to go get on the bus to head for the first concert when I finally saw Harry again. Still he didn't seem to like the fact that I was coming with them but at least he didn't stare me down like last time. I don't know what I did to make him not like me. Hopefully oneday I can change his mind.

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