Finding the One... Again

Niall Horans Cousin, Jamie, comes to visit her cousin on tour working as a assistant for the band, 1 Direction. She finds herself falling in love with one of the boys in the band, and her world becomes bombarded with the public eye.Jamie no longer is the small town girl who could go unoticed but someone who's being watched like a hawk. Finally it becomes to much for Jamie and she decides to leave the tour and the love of her life to go back home, only to find out her parents have died. With the grief of her parents loss Jamie becomes a wreck, and ends up in a car accident that nearly ends her life.Her cousin Niall comes back to get her and finds out she has amnesia, all her memories of the past year are gone. Niall decides to help make this a fresh start for Jamie and takes her back with him to the tour. Even though Jamie has no memories, she has the feeling of the bond with one of the boys is different. Will Jamie fall in love again? And if so will she choose to stay?


2. Confusion


   It slipped out of my mouth with out me realizing it. She stood smiling the wonderful smile she always gave me."Niall!" she squealed with delight.She came towards be and wrapped her arms around me, at that moment I didn't care that I hadn't told the guys about her. In fact I was happy I didn't, I knew if I had the questions would be endless and I wouldn't have the opportunity of this moment . She backed away still smiling," It's been forever." My smile faded I knew she was right, it had been four years. The Jamie who stood before me now was different, but at the same time exactly the same girl I had grown up with.The only thing I managed to say was," It sure has."


Jamie's p.o.v.

    I walked into the room and there he was my best friend who for years I had missed.He still looked exactly the same, though he seemed to have grown two feet. I squealed his name and gave him a hug like my mother had gave me when I left. "It's been forever." I said. I saw his smile dip a little I knew he thought so to.He mumbled," It sure has." 

  I looked around and saw four confused faces. I didn't understand, why were they so confused? "Hey Niall... whats wrong with them?" He looked up and seemed to just realize their  confused expressions."Umm...well you see ... the thing is..." He started to ramble about something but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

 "Um.. excuse me miss but we're confused because we have no idea whats going on." Said a boy with black hair. " What? I'm just saying hi, I haven't seen Niall in forever," I said starting to be confused myself." You two know each other?" piped up another boy with brown hair. " Of course. We've known each other since we were born," What was wrong with these boys? I thought to myself. I  looked over at Niall who was being surprisingly quiet." Niall you did tell them I'm coming on tour right?" He looked at me I knew something was up." Well heres the thing, they knew we were getting a new assistant, I just didn't tell them it was you." 


   Niall's p.o.v.

  Jamie's eyes flared. Oh no, four years I hadn't seen her and already she was mad at me. "What?! You didn't tell them I was coming why?" I tried to choose my words as carefully as I could." I don't know it's just been forever since I've seen you, and I thought the guys would be mad since they can't have their girlfriends on tour, and I could have my cousin." her eyes dimmed a little but I could tell she was still mad.

  "Wait! Hold up everything," said Louis." Did you just say cousin?" I looked at the guys I could tell they were a mad I hadn't told them by the way they stared at me." Yes. This is Jamie, shes my cousin."I said.

" Well we all know that now," Harry said, while glaring at Jamie. "Niall why didn't you just tell us before? It would have saved us all from this mess," said Liam. I hung my head." I know, it was stupid." " It sure was," Louis said with a grin." We forgive you though."


 Jamie's p.o.v.

  I smiled. I was still kind of mad at Niall for lying and making things so weird but I knew he felt bad for it." Look at y'all, settling your differences all by yourselves," I said smiling. All the boys heads turned to me except for Harry who had  been glaring at me since I walked in the room.They all laughed. "Hi Jamie," they said in unison.

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