Finding the One... Again

Niall Horans Cousin, Jamie, comes to visit her cousin on tour working as a assistant for the band, 1 Direction. She finds herself falling in love with one of the boys in the band, and her world becomes bombarded with the public eye.Jamie no longer is the small town girl who could go unoticed but someone who's being watched like a hawk. Finally it becomes to much for Jamie and she decides to leave the tour and the love of her life to go back home, only to find out her parents have died. With the grief of her parents loss Jamie becomes a wreck, and ends up in a car accident that nearly ends her life.Her cousin Niall comes back to get her and finds out she has amnesia, all her memories of the past year are gone. Niall decides to help make this a fresh start for Jamie and takes her back with him to the tour. Even though Jamie has no memories, she has the feeling of the bond with one of the boys is different. Will Jamie fall in love again? And if so will she choose to stay?


13. Confession

Harry's p.o.v.

I clenched my fist I was so mad. Not at her but at me. I didn't care if she was Niall's cousin people thought we were together anyway, Simon though it was a good idea. So why was I still doing this, pretending  I had no feelings for her?

  " You're wrong. Completely wrong I do like you and not just as a person, or a friend as a girl. I do. I was just being stupid. Your Niall's cousin being with you could just complicate so many things, but I don't care anymore."

 I looked at Jamie and her mouth was hanging open. She was shocked I knew she was. Whatever she was expecting she got the complete opposite.

 " like me ? Like,like me?" she asked still shocked.

 "Of course I have since I first saw you, but you were Niall's cousin I knew there was no way I could be with you."

" But now you think there is a way?'

I looked at her and started explaining." Yes. Niall's already mad, Simon thinks it's good.And if I don't Zayn's just going to go after you and your going to be in this situation again." She smiled. " So why can't we be together for real ? Everyone thinks we are, and Niall doesn't have much of a option other than to accept."

 She looked at me and though it over." Well I suppose you have a point but there is one thing you forgot." I looked at her puzzled." You didn't ask me if I wanted to be with you." She stated with a smirk.

 I grabbed her hands and looked at her with a smile." Will you Jamie be my girlfriend?" Her smile grew and she stepped on her tiptoes to reach my mouth," Of course Styles." she said as she lightly placed her lips on mine.

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