Under the Sheets

What happens when your falling for a guy in your hometown, but you have a member of One Direction who keeps txting you and wants to meet up with you,crushing on you? Perrie Edwards just got back to her hometown with a surprise that she never wanted so who is she going to pick? Zayn the creepy guy from One Direction that keeps txting her or her life long friend Konrad who has a girlfriend??

About Perrie of Little Mix


7. Zayn

Dear god help me ......  Please. Give me the strength to get threw this day with Zayn. As I make my way out of the airport I see swarms of girls running to the interemce of the airport.  Zayn chuckles and says. " man that place must be a madhouse right now !" I mentally shot  myself because indomitable want to be here with him . I don't like the idea of having Zayn Malik sitting next to me in my car . I am abruptly an taken out  of my daydream when I feel Zayn put his hand on my thigh. I turn around so quick and give him a look of  astonishment.  He lifts his hand and I can tell that he turely is sorry for his action. "Sorry he says quietly." I'm sitting in my seat shocked.Zayn is completely different over txt. In person he seems to be more timid. "It's fine Zayn" I say  quietly.  I turn on the radio and Ellie Goulding  cover of Your Song is playing. I start humming to the lyrics  ntil I stop when I hear Zayn start singing.  His voice was beautiful angelic like.  For the  first time in months my brain is occupied on something else rather than thinking of Konrad. After the song ends I tell Zayn that he has a lovely voice and he blushes is return . After multiple more songs were almost to my flat. After opening the gate to get into the parking garage. I turn extremely nervous. What are me and Zayn supposed to do until Konrad gets to my place? As I put the car in park I hear a familiar ding which it is my phone. Unlock the it and read a txt that I wasn't looking forward to seeing 

Perrie I'm so sorry but I can't make it tonight I have to work late and I have things to do in the morning so In afraid I can make it :( 


i replied with a simply ok. Making it known that I was a little irritated with him. I open the my car door and walk up to the elevator where Zayn is waiting for me. I slide my key card and the door  closes which allows the elevator to rises up. Walking out of the elevator I open my door to my flat ,and I hear it shut after Zayn walks in. I show Zayn to the guest room where he will be staying and he sets his things down on the bed and walks out. I hear a loud PLOUP onto the couch. I walk into the living room and I ask Zayn what he wants to eat for dinner. Since it was almost 4. He walks over to the kitchen and looks in the fridge. He then closes the door and looks in the pantry and pulls out pasta and marinara sauce. "Whatever the King wants he shall have" I say over dramatically. He smiles at me, god he looks so good I think to myself. "Is that what the Queen wants ? "He says quietly. Possibly I add quickly with a sarcastic tone to it. I than quickly walk over to get a pot for the noddles and as I walk closer to the pots ,Zayn is standing right by them. When I walk over to them he looks at me curiously and I bend down and open the shelf to get a pot and as I grab the pot and close the door, and rise up. I feel my body bump into Zayn chest.as I stand straight up I can tell that he is taller than me . Or faces are inches apart and I can hear him breathing heavily. He leans in and kisses my lips with soft kisses. Im so shocked that all I can do to express my shock is drop the pot on the floor. 





Hey guess I hope you liked it !!! Also comment if you want more perspectives like Zayn or Konrad!!! ~ RKR 



























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