Under the Sheets

What happens when your falling for a guy in your hometown, but you have a member of One Direction who keeps txting you and wants to meet up with you,crushing on you? Perrie Edwards just got back to her hometown with a surprise that she never wanted so who is she going to pick? Zayn the creepy guy from One Direction that keeps txting her or her life long friend Konrad who has a girlfriend??

About Perrie of Little Mix


5. Why Me !!

I wake up in the morning knowing that Zayn will be txting me all day. Hopefully he seriously doesn’t come because I he did that would be very awkward. I look to the side of me to see Konrad lying down on the ground sleeping. I get up ad get an outfit from my suitcase. I make my way into Konrad’s shower anticipating a long hot shower. I climb into the shower and turn on the water. I le the hot water sting my skin. It doesn’t bother me. All of the sudden I hear my phone go off. It’s ringing the annoying Alarm clock sound I put for Zayn when he calls me. I pick up the phone; it feels like it’s a ton of bricks as I pick it up and I hear a familiar voice of Zayn Malik. He quickly says, “Hi baby what are you doing.” I quickly shot back at him don’t call me your baby. “Why you so uptite?” probably because I don’t want to talk to you Zayn… “Well your just gonna have to get used to that, now aren’t you.” If I talk to you he cuts me off, “ you will talk to me I just know it. all I wanted to call you and tell you is that I am coming to you like you told me to!” my flight leave later on today.” Great why the hell did he have to listen to the txt that Konrad sent him! I thought he was just playing when he said he would come. Apparently not, now I have to deal with two problems, Lucy & Zayn. Why the hell would Konrad start to date somebody while I was gone? It makes me feel like I’m not good enough. Am I? I did leave him… I didn’t talk to him so that did give him the motive to move on from me… hopefully everything in the end will work out because I am not about to date Zayn Malik. He’s a dick in my eyes. Especially that one night on the X Factor where they performed with us, he was all over me trying to touch me etc. I was kind of hoping that he would not bother me. But unfortunately he is coming to visit me. I get out of the shower and do my makeup & hair. BEEP,BEEP, BEEP I look over in disgust picking up the phone and saying what do you want Zayn.“My flight got canceled so I am coming earlier than expected. So I am going to need you to pick me up from the airport baby” I am not your baby Zayn. Get that straight threw your thick skull! “You will be I can tell you that.” No sorry, like I said Zayn that will never happen. I quickly think of an excuse to get rid of him and I took the chance. “Um Zayn I have to go take a shower.” Ok you get all ready to see me baby!” I hung up the phone as fast as I could. *Knock *Knock, ‘come in.’ Konrad walks in with the biggest grin on his face it was like when a baby got a lollipop, “I can’t wait until you get to meet Lucy!!”


SO Sorry that i haven't updated in 5 months .. i will make an effort to update a lot more!! keep reading!! 

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