Under the Sheets

What happens when your falling for a guy in your hometown, but you have a member of One Direction who keeps txting you and wants to meet up with you,crushing on you? Perrie Edwards just got back to her hometown with a surprise that she never wanted so who is she going to pick? Zayn the creepy guy from One Direction that keeps txting her or her life long friend Konrad who has a girlfriend??

About Perrie of Little Mix


3. Savior

My tired eyes flicker open, from the familiar darkness that I was seeing for quiet some while. In one swift action I see Konrad move from a chair and getting in my face like I was dying or something. With a murmur I speak with a faint crack in my voice, "What happened?" Konrad tells me with a reassuring voice, a reassuring voice that I want to hear for the rest of my life. A voice that could soothe even the wildest animals. Snap out of it Perrie, I tell myself harshly. He's done talking with a confusing look on his face which somewhat makes me laugh inside. "What?" I say, he laughs a laugh that will make any girl instantly fall in love with him. Back in high school the popular girls, a.k.a. the bitches, would always question him 'why he hung out with a total loser like me?' Konrad always used to tell them that I was somebody they could never ever achieve to be in a lifetime. I was just different I guess, he knew I was meant to do something massive. Thus me winning the X Factor and achieving something that no normal person can ever do in there lifetime. Elizabeth and Jackie, were some of the girls that tormented me in high school. Made my life a living hell, I didn’t show that to them though. Never did, never will. People like that disgust me. Going around and judging people on the way they act. Just because they’re different, something unique, that can never be changed. Trying to bring me down. Never working, their petty games that don’t effect me. I know that in a decade, they will be pregnant with their fifth child wishing they were me. Envying me, and me being their icon. PERRIE!!! Stop thinking about them! All they did was hurt you and make you feel terrible. Like you were nothing more than a lonely tumbleweed. Aimlessly tumbling around into oblivion, not making a progress, except tumbling. If I keep thinking about them, then these thoughts are going to consume my mind for the rest of my short life. Something that I’m defiantly not going to let happen. I’m stronger now, bitches like them can’t hurt me, and they never will. Konrad stares at me again with a blank expression on his face. “Perrie? Can you hear me?” "Yes" I say with a sudden urge to yell it out loud, so he can know that im awake and that I can hear him. “I’m fine!" I say with a loud, dictating tone in my voice. “Okay I can tell your fine now, do you want anything to drink?” "No," I say, "I’m fine like I said." Many memories flood through my mind in what happened when I got to my house. People, my parents, mayhem, falling pictures, and me falling the worst part. The first immediate question that flooded through my mind like a thirsty dog after running around the back yard, was “Where are my parents?" “They're not coming Perrie, after you ran out of the house they just acted like they didn’t have a daughter anymore, calmly telling everyone that everything is fine and how they were disappointed you even won." "Really?!" “Yes Perrie, as they were saying ignorantly 'she should have never had been put into that stupid group.'” Shock instantly hit me. Knowing that all my life, they really didn’t care about me. I was a burden to them. Annoying them like a little schoolgirl when she cries over spilt milk. "They're dead to me!!," I tell Konrad, "They’re not coming even an inch closer to me. I’m done with there stupid games." Was I not perfect enough for them? I came home from school acting like I was fine and dandy, when I never was. Konrad was my Advil, he helped me through everything. Konrad is someone who was more of a mom and dad to me, than my parents ever were. I lay there motionless, not really caring. Thanking God that I was away from those devils. Succubuses sucking all the life out of me. “Konrad, can I ask you a question?" He replies quickly, "What??" "Can I stay with you for a while? I’m not going back to that house ever!" “Of course you can. My parents wont mind, as a matter of fact they’ll be excited to know that we have a new person staying with us for… How long?" I don’t know what to say, I don’t even know when I have to go back. I'll has to call our manager. Boom!! Konrads door swinging open so fast it could have created a tornado. My mom!! “Perrie get up. We're leaving!! You’re not staying with this mediocre family!" “Mediocre! They're the only family I have left screaming! You’re absolutely nothing to me! You're dirt, nonliving, not breathing, not anything to me. That is absolutely how I feel about you and your prejudged thoughts of everything I do! Just leave now! Your only embarrassing yourself by standing here telling me you actually care when you really don’t! You lying bitch!” She studders. I don’t even give her a chance, "LEAVE! ME! ALONE! I don’t want to talk to you! Leave now." She says back to me, “You're going to miss me, and you know it”, so just leave! I plopped down in Konrad's bed, exhausted, turning around. Getting that intoxicating smell that overwhelms me through my nostrils. I can’t hold it in anymore, I start to break down. Crying, not wanting Konrad to see me, for the mess I probably look like right now. Also, trying to spare him from that ugly crying face I make. Rather then turning me around to face him, he just moves closer to me, cuddling up to me. Like when a dog does it to a hurt owner. He starts humming a song I always used to listen to before I left. It was our song, we both absolutely loved it, “Withdraw" by Kimbra. His sweet humming is making me want to fall asleep in his arms. Until he asks me, pausing for a minute, "Perrie will you?"

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