Under the Sheets

What happens when your falling for a guy in your hometown, but you have a member of One Direction who keeps txting you and wants to meet up with you,crushing on you? Perrie Edwards just got back to her hometown with a surprise that she never wanted so who is she going to pick? Zayn the creepy guy from One Direction that keeps txting her or her life long friend Konrad who has a girlfriend??

About Perrie of Little Mix


4. Really??

"Huh??" I say half awake. Konrad says abruptly, “Can you move over please, I’m about to fall?" I turn over like a lifeless rock staring directly in Konrad’s glowing face. A face that I would love to stare at every morning for the rest of my life, "Why are you looking at me like that." Konrad says. "Sorry I was looking at your hair." Which was lying. I hear a faint buzz in his pocket. Konrad just keeps looking at me. "Aren’t you going to look at that?" He say, "No its just Lucy." “Who’s that?" I ask, as if I was dating him, wanting to know who texted him and why. Konrad’s face turns blank, looking at me like he was about to tell me the world was about to end. "She my girlfriend…" I force a fake Barbie doll smile on my face. "Oh that’s good", clearly lying to myself. "I met her when you were gone." Really Perrie!! I lost my chance leaving. Leaving for the X Factor. I can and never will accept the fact that Konrad will never be mine. "Oh that’s cool" I say like a living zombie. "She’s amazing you’ll love her once you meet her!" Konrad says with excitement. No I wont, cursing to myself. “Yeah that’s going to be pretty fun.” Konrad almost says immediately, "She will love you, she’s already a big fan of Little Mix." Great… Konrad’s girlfriend likes my group, probably not after I meet her. Once she knows that I’m so close to Konrad. This sucks. I feel as if a pole was suddenly impaled into my heart. Not being able to beat. "I can't wait" I say, forcing a fake smile to go onto my face. BUZZ!!!! I hear go off in my pocket. "Aren’t you going to get that?" Konrad say with a smirk on his face. Reaching for my phone in my pocket, I click on the button, having the harsh bright light hit my face. '1 New Message from Zayn Malik'. Crap… the last thing I want is a text from Zayn. I met Zayn one night on the X Factor when One Direction performed as guests in the finals. Zayn had a fancy for me. Unfortunately, but I didn’t like him enough to go out on a date with him. I was suddenly tapped by Konrad on my shoulder, "Who is It??" "Zayn Malik" I say trying not to make a big deal about it. Because you know not everyday you have one member from One Direction texting you. "Zayn Malik hmmm" he says. "Cool!!!! Its nice having a friend who’s famous." Konrad says jokingly. "Yep", I say tiredly. I open the message and read it quickly to myself. As I glance at it one last time it says 'Hey Perrie when am I going to be able to meet up with you?' I reply a simple 'IDK'. "So what did he say?" Konrad blurts out. "Oh nothing basically asking how I am." Another white lie, “That’s a lie!" Konrad yells, taking my phone reading the message. "OOOOOH!! Perrie has a boyfriend." "He’s not my boyfriend…" I say back. "Okay, then why does he want to meet up with you?" "I don't know?" I say, "Maybe were just friends Konrad." I see that Konrad is typing something back. I scream "NOO!! Don’t you dare send a message I haven’t approved of!" He touches the screen then gives the phone to me willingly. Looking at it with a horrid look on my face. No Konrad why?? Why would you tell him to fly down here so we could hang out while I was off for a while from Little Mix? NOW! What am I supposed to say 'um sorry my best guy friend sent me that?' No, he’s not going to believe me! BUZZ!!!! 'Ok I'll book a flight for tomorrow then.' Now I am going to have hang out with a guy who likes me. Perfect just perfect. Texting Zayn back telling him that I'm going to go to sleep. He quickly types back, 'goodnight beautiful'. "Thanks Konrad thanks." "You’re welcome." he says, "Your very welcome." Now I have two things I really don’t want to think about on my mind. Lucy and Zayn. "Screw you Konrad" I say as I move my foot kicking him off his bed watching as he hit the floor. “You sir, can sleep on the ground tonight.” I turn around letting the sadness come over me in waves I’ve never felt before. I’m never going to get to be in a relationship with Konrad. I start to tear up but force myself not to. And with that, I use all the remaining energy in my body to shut my eyes and peacefully let the sadness take me into a never-ending sleep.

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