Adventure Awaits Us

Arielle's father Maxi is a famous songwriter and was chosen to help One direction write songs since they came out. Arielle and her best friend Jade just found out before their third album would start producing. They are fans of one direction but they never thought that Arielle's fathers career would end up with one direction! Jade is excited, so is Arielle but her past will haunt her. Harry and Niall start to fancy Arielle but her past will only push them away.


2. Chapter 2

~Niall POV~

After we met up with Mr. Dawson we went to Harlow which is like an hour away from London. We had a meet and greet with our fans. I'm glad we are able to do that because we haven't got much time anymore. They were amazing! This one girl actually fainted once Zayn hugged her. It's amazing what our fans do for us. We pretended to leave the book store because we got hungry. Well, no lie, I got hungry. And there was this little cafe and we chose this table where it's hidden from the front but you see it at a certain angle. Me and Liam bring our food and these 2 girls, beautiful if I must say, sat at the other table since there were two. Harry and Louis were discussing wether or not they are fans but I don't think they've noticed us. We quiet down a little bit to make ourselves seem less obvious. I heard the girls talking faintly. The girl with the blonde hair just giggled while the other girl, with red hair, went over to order food. If I remember isn't there a guy with them? He came up to them and left. "Hey Niall! What's wrong? You haven't finished your food," Liam asks me. "Sorry, just got a little distracted." "No! What is this? The world might actually end! Niall hasn't eaten all his food yet..." Louis yells. Zayn and Liam shush him. "Sorry.." We just laugh. And the girl with the red hair comes back but with a ton of food. "That's a lot of food Ari!" The blonde girl says. "I know but it's not all for me, this is for you and this is for Sebastian," the red head explains who's name is Ari? She still has some food left on her tray after she separated it. I finished mine and the guys decided to look around the store for some books. Only Harry and I stayed. We were just watching the girls. Not creepy at all. She ate all that food! Harry looked shocked. I'm kinda impressed she ate all that! But her eyes confuse me. At first they were grey but now I see green. How weird. "Hey Harry?" "Yeah Niall?" "Are you a camera?" I say. He just looks at me weirdly. I continue, "'Cause every time I see you I smile!" He just laughs. "That was bad huh?" I ask. "Nope. That was beautiful! That actually might work!" Harry was still laughing

~Harry POV~

After we ate Louis Liam and Zayn left to check out the store. Niall had stayed with me. He told me such a cheesy pick up line! that actually might work. But across from us, there was this girl with red hair. She has the most amazing eyes ever. And one point I thought they were grey but they look green now. I guess they're trying to be respectful and not disturb us even though it seems like we're being really loud. Thank goodness all the fans left already. It's amazing we got to meet a few. The boys come back and Louis just leans on me. "Hey Harry! Look at this book!" He hands me this book, please dot be what I think it is, "Fifty Shades of Chicken... Really? I thought you were into carrots?" I tell him. He just laughs, "No, I wasn't talking about that! Look at the review!" It reads the chicken is bound to be delicious, especially the stuffed one! We all laugh since I read it out loud!! Liam's phone starts to ring. We all quiet down to see if its from management. "Hello? Yes this is Liam. Ok that's fine we'll head there in a few minutes. Alright thanks bye!" He looks at us. "We're heading to Mr. Dawson's place now. Apparently they want to go home early." Aww we could've had two days of rest.. It's ok. "Alright guys! Where is it?" Niall asks. We just look at each other. We have no idea where we are going to go. A guy walks up to the girls and asks them if they are ready. And the red heads phone rang. "Hello?" Her voice is so beautiful. It's sounds very sweet and nice. "Ok sure dad. They are where? But we're here as well I don't see them. Alright bye!" Hmm.. Maybe they are looking for someone. She texts someone. "Well, lets figure this out," Liam suggests. We all look at each other for a while. Out of nowhere Niall and Louis laugh. "What's wrong?" Zayn asks. "We are all so serious! You should've seen Liam's face it was all like this!" Louis laughs. Niall looks like he can't breathe. "Um.. Excuse me?" The girl with the blonde hair comes up. "Yes?" Liam asks. I hope she doesn't fangirl over us. "Hi, I'm Jade by the way. I already know your names. My uncle asked me and my cousin to get you guys to his house. But my cousin is kinda shy so I came. Sorry if I interuppted something," she seems polite and nice. Wait, did she say Mr. Dawson asked them to take him? "So you're going to take us to Mr. Dawson's house?" Zayn asks to confirm it. "Yes, we are," Jade points out Sebastian and the red head. We follow the girls to these two cars. I guess one for us and one for them. "Sebastian will be driving you, but one of you will have to join us since there won't be room. Is that ok?" Jade asks us. Hmm, maybe I can get to know the red head. "We'll discuss this," he says to Jade. "Alright, we'll be waiting in the car" she goes to the first black car. "How do we know that they will take us to the right place?" Louis asks. "Yeah. What if they're psychos and try to kidnap us?" Zayn points out. "I don't think so. I mean they seem nice," Liam adds. "They're probably telling the truth" Niall jumps into the conversation. Him and Louis start goofing off. "Well, I'll go with them," Liam speaks up. "Huh? Are you sure Liam?" Zayn asks. "Yeah let's go. It already 13:23" Liam has a good point. " I call the seat next to Harry!" Louis shouts. "Not if I get to him first!" Niall runs towards me. I should enter the car... "Oh no you don't Niall! He's mine!!" Louis yells. "I think I'd be safer with Zayn," I say. They stop dead in their tracks. "Yeah! I won! Harry chose me!" Zayn cheers. Niall and Louis hug feeling rejected... "It's ok boys! Lets go," I say and we enter the car. "Hello, I'm Sebastian and Mr. Dawson is on his way home already," he says and starts to drive. Louis starts talking to Sebastian. Apparently Sebastian is a butler but was orphaned. Sad, but he said he was fine with Arielle and Jade. So that's her name. Very pretty. You can tell Louis starts to annoy Sebastian but he doesn't look bothered. He's not talking to me. "Louis! What about me? You leaving me alone?" I say sad. "You left me for Zayn! Hmpf." Louis crosses his arms like he's right. Oh it's on. "Well you seemed to have fun with Niall!" I say. "Don't start Harry," Louis warns. "It's true though!" "Well then Harry will this help you?" Louis takes off his seat belt and changes places with Zayn. "Hey Harry!" He hugs me. "Boobear! I feel loved," I laugh. "You'll always be loved! By me until you find the perfect girl. Just kidding! I will always be here! With some carrots as well," Louis says. We all laugh, Sebastian just chuckles to himself. "We're here," he announces after our random conversation ended. This place looks amazing! Dawson Estate right on the gate. This place is huge! I didn't know Mr. Dawson was this rich! We all look shocked except for Sebastian. This is going to be fun. I remember Mr telling us he has an arcade and game room. "Doesn't he have a game room?" Niall asks. "Yes, he does," Sebastian answers. "Yeah!" We all cheer. Wonder how Liam did with the girls.

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