Adventure Awaits Us

Arielle's father Maxi is a famous songwriter and was chosen to help One direction write songs since they came out. Arielle and her best friend Jade just found out before their third album would start producing. They are fans of one direction but they never thought that Arielle's fathers career would end up with one direction! Jade is excited, so is Arielle but her past will haunt her. Harry and Niall start to fancy Arielle but her past will only push them away.


1. Chapter 1

~Arielle POV~

"Arielle!! I know it summer vacation but don't sleep in all the time! Will you please get up?"
Huh? I open my eyes to see my best friend, also my cousin, on top of me. "Well Jade... If you notice our positions," I state. Jade looks confused for a moment but soon realizes what I meant. "Omg! I'm sorry I didn't mean for that to happen!" She gets off of me and sits on the other side of the bed. I also sit Indian style in front of her. "So what's for breakfast?" I ask. She laughs, "How'd I know you were going to ask that?" "Because you're my best friend!" I smile and lead myself to the bathroom so I can wash up. "Hey, Ari?" Jade yells out. "Yes?" "What are we doing today?" I exit the bathroom silently. I run up to Jade and tickle her while she was putting on her TOMS. "Hahaha! Stop! You know I'm ticklish!" I stop and say, " We're going to have an adventure!" "You always say that. Now lets go eat." We head down stairs to the kitchen to see what was cooking. Matilda was on her stool with some ingredients on the counter. "Good morning Matilda!" "Ah! Good morning girls! Arielle, your father is out on a business trip to London. He won't be back until Saturday. And your mother went with him as well," Matilda explains. "Ok! Thanks. I would like 2 ham and cheese omelets please!" I say and walk into the common room. Mom and Dad left without telling me... And they were here for dinner. Maybe it was an emergency? I sometimes forget my dad is a famous songwriter and my mom is a fashion designer. I turn on the telly and start to channel surf. I finally find adventure time. Jade walks in with our breakfast. "Come get your food," she says while she places the plates on the coffee table. "Adventure time again?" "Yes! Or would you rather Peter Pan?" I ask knowing the obvious. "Wait, isn't it my turn to pick the channel?" Darn.. She remembered. "Yeah..." I hand her the remote and she starts picking a channel. I start to eat my omelets and hear Alan Carr on the telly. I look up and he's introducing one direction. Jade and I scream! "Omg!! What a great way to start a morning," Jade grins. "Hey! Adventure time is fun as well!" I pout. "Lol! I'm just kidding." My phone starts vibrating. "Who is it?" Jade asks. "I don't know let me check," I say while I grab my phone. It's my dad. I answer and put on speaker. "Hey Dad! Good morning!" "Good morning uncle Max" Good morning Ari and Jade! I have great news!" "What is it?" I asked curious as what could be so great. Hopefully it's not that my mom is pregnant. I would love to have a little brother or sister but I love it as an only child. "I'm going to have some guests over for two weeks." "Ok?" We both ask. Relieved its not my mom pregnant. "I'm helping a certain band with creating they're new album," he says slowly. "Wait, could it be who I think it is?" Jade asks excited. "Yes," my dad says. Huh? Who are they talking about? "You mean you're helping One Direction with their second album!?" She asks. WHAT!? "Correcto!" My dad says. Omg.. "Just because you add an 'O' doesn't mean it's Spanish dad.. And you're kidding right?" I ask. "Nope. I'm writing songs for one direction. I better go girls. Have a great day! See you girls in 2 days time." He hangs up. Jade and I just stare at each other. Did that just happen?

~Jade POV~

I can't believe Ari's dad is song writing for one direction! Most of all, they are staying over for 2 weeks!! Omg!! After her phone call, we just stared at each other. That information has to sink in. "Hey Ari?" I snap out of our daze. It was like a staring contest. " Huh? Oh! Yeah, what's up?" She asks. "We're not the type of over dramatic and obsessed fan, are we?" " Of course we're not! We might just be a little jittery because they're here but not all like this," Ari starts jumping on the couch screaming out each of their names and she pretends to flash me. "Oh! Oh gosh no! We're not like that at all!" I state. Clearly convinced that we won't freak out in front of them. "We are mature 18 year olds," I say. We stare at each other again and just burst out laughing. We finished breakfast and helped Mati clean up. Matilda hates it when I call her that. You might think that since we're rich that we'd have maids to do this. Which we do of course but we were raised up well by Gracie, our nanny. Who tutors us and watches over us, we also have a chef, Mati, and a butler, Sebastian. "Let's go to the book store! I wanna get this new book that came out," Ari says interrupting my thoughts. "Alright. I'll go tell Gracie. You call Sebastian after we get ready," I say. "Alright! I'll be in my room changing," Ari says. I just love that cheerful girl but she may be oblivious to soo many things. I'm glad, it seems she's gotten over her past. I go change into some denim skinnies and put on a blue tank. "Jade? Can I come in?" Ari calls out from the other side of the door. "Go ahead!" She enters and just puts and weird face. "What?" I ask. "You need to accessorize! Here, put this on with these shoes. And let me do your hair," Ari demands. "Oh alright.." I put on the brown jacket and brown TOMS instead of my blue Vans. She ponytails my hair to the side opposite of my bangs and curls the ends. We walk up to the mirror and I look at myself. My blonde hair looks great and my eyes that are a sky blue pop out against the light make up Ari fixed. I swear she can make it in a make up artist. I notice she's wearing a pink jumper with white sandals and has a pearl head band on. She left out her bangs and wears light makeup as well. "Well, I think we're ready! I'll go call Sebastian!" Ari says. I see the small scars that are going away now on her wrist as she opens the door. She covers them up with her matching pearl bracelet. "I'll go tell Gracie we will be out then," I say closing the door as we walk out my room. Even though its not my house, I have a room of my own. So does Ari at my house. I go to to the study where Gracie usually is. "Gracie? Are you in here?" I call out. "Yes my darling. Whatever so you need?" She puts down her book. "Me and Ari are going out to the book store," I say. "Alright be safe!" She says as I exit the study. I meet Ari at the main entrance. "Sebastian is pulling up with the car. Are you ready?" "Yeah I'm ready go ahead," I say. The drive there isn't that long and there wasn't that much traffic. "I'll meet you ladies after I park the car," Sebastian says. We just nod and head for the door. The store had a little cafe and reading room so it was kinda big. I see a sign that says "reading room is going to be used today for special guests" ok then. "Jade? What's taking long?" Ari calls out but not too loud. This place is kinda like a library. I catch up to her and we pass the reading room. We see lots of girls exiting the room with happy faces. "I wonder who it could be?" Ari says. "I don't know but let's just look around here and use the cafe to read instead. The cafe has the little hidden area with 2 booths that can be seen only from an angle. We sit there once we find a book. We notice 5 guys sit at one so we sit at the other. Sebastian walks up to us. "Are you ladies doing alright?" He asks. "Yes we are. Thanks Sebastian! You can search around if you want." Ari says. "Alright. Call me if you need me," he walks away. "I'm going to get food. I'll be back Jade" "When are you not hungry Ari?" I laugh a little. We try not to disturb our neighbors.
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