You are my everything (+13)


Rebecca White is different from the other girls. Maybe it is her past, the situations she has been through that made her a strong and fiercy person. She is a Directioner and she was a lucky bastard that had the chance to meet her idols at a party that her cousin took her to. Since she is a Directioner, we all know that she like the boys, but what will happen if more than one bandmember likes her? Who should back off and who should not? Read more about the adventure of Rebecca spending a month in London.

*this is my first fanfic.**sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, ill do my best*


24. You are my Everything

Narrator´s POV

The story ends here. Here is what happens to Rebecca on the next years:


She finishes school and gets in Music College.

She gets in a band called "Pink Guitar" where she plays the guitar.

Her band gets a deal and they will be touring together with One Direction, opening their shows.

She gets a lot of money, buys a big flat on the same building as Niall´s flat.

She visits her family whenever she gets a break.

She gets to know all celebrities.

She marries Niall, and he is the happiest man in the world.

Rebecca White? Not just another girl. It´s Niall´s girl.


Rebecca´s POV

I say to Niall:

"You are my everything"


Niall replies:

"You are my everything"






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