You are my everything (+13)


Rebecca White is different from the other girls. Maybe it is her past, the situations she has been through that made her a strong and fiercy person. She is a Directioner and she was a lucky bastard that had the chance to meet her idols at a party that her cousin took her to. Since she is a Directioner, we all know that she like the boys, but what will happen if more than one bandmember likes her? Who should back off and who should not? Read more about the adventure of Rebecca spending a month in London.

*this is my first fanfic.**sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, ill do my best*


4. Take off, plane ride, meeting Amber

*the next day*

my alarm clock went off. 5 in the morning. i knew today was going to be a great day. i woke up, and went in the shower. the warm water hitting my back made me relax a bit. i was nervous. i already had been in a plane, when i was 10 when i went on vacations to visit my grandmother, in Florida, but i had never travelled in a plane all by myself! 

i got of the shower and put my clothes on. i put a pair of skinny jeans, a cute shirt with the peace symbol on it and my vans. i also brushed my long wavy light brown hair and straightened it a little bit. i put the straightner and the curling iron in the suitcase, together with my brush and headed down stairs.

It was 5:30 ans if i wanted to be in the airport by 7, i had to leave by 6 because i live far away from the airport and i couldnt risk being late for the flight. the flight was at 8:30, so i guess i would be waiting one and a half hour in the airport, but the airline people always ask us to get there early. i had half hour to leave.

When i got downstairs i found my dad making me eggs and bacon for breakfast. 

"Dad! You didn´t have to do this" i said smiling like crazy because he was being really nice to me.

"i know, but i wanted to. also, i´m taking you to the airport so you don´t need to take a cab."he replied

"Awwwn, thanks Dad."


after breakfast, dad drove me to the airport and said his final good bye:

" So i guess i ll see you in a month"

" i will skype you whenever possible"

"okay, but promise me one thing"

"yeah, what?"

"Have fun, enjoy and make the best out of it!"

"hahaha i sure will"


He hugged me and i hugged him back. Love you dad


*one hour and a half later*

i got in the plane, sat down and waited for the plane to take off, and when it did, i felt butterflies all over my stomach. 

As soon as the lady said we could use elctronic device, i took my computer out of my bag and started watching movies. i watched The Hunger Games and then i watched Paranormal Activity. i just loved those movies. i must have fallen asleep for a good time because when i woke up, we were already landing. 'it wasant that bad' i thought.

i waited for my suitcase and then after grabbing my suitcase, i saw a really pretty girl, with a sign saying 'Rebecca White'. i walked up to her and then she said:


"yeah, thats me"

"its lovely to meet you, im amber" my cousin reached out a hand and i shook it

"lovely to meet you too"


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