You are my everything (+13)


Rebecca White is different from the other girls. Maybe it is her past, the situations she has been through that made her a strong and fiercy person. She is a Directioner and she was a lucky bastard that had the chance to meet her idols at a party that her cousin took her to. Since she is a Directioner, we all know that she like the boys, but what will happen if more than one bandmember likes her? Who should back off and who should not? Read more about the adventure of Rebecca spending a month in London.

*this is my first fanfic.**sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, ill do my best*


23. New Life, New ME

Niall´s POV


I wasant going to let Rebecca go away. She is meant to be with me. I have a great idea! She could come live in London! Then, we could keep the relationship going and everything will be alright! She can study her last school years here and even go to college here! During vacations she can even come with me on tour! It will be the best! We could find her a nice and small flat so she can have her stuff there and her own room and i could see her everyday! The only thing will be tell her mom/dad. Will they let her do that? Will she want to do that ?


*After telling Rebecca about my idea*

Rebecca´s POV

OMG!! I can´t believe Niall´s idea! It´s just great! I will convince my dad and he will certainly let me live here, i mean, it´s pure experience/adventure!

I skyped my dad and told him the idea. He was not sure about if he wanted me to live away from him. He also said that bying me a new flat would be expensive. Niall was with me during the skype conference and he offered to pay for the apartment, as long as it was near his flat, so he could see me often. My dad also gave me a speech about the responsability i would have to have but i think he was convinced that Niall really loved me and would help me a lot. My dad and I looked for good schools near Niall´s flat and we found a perfect one, only 10 minutes away. I could study there my last two school years and then go to college. We also looked for colleges and we found 4 good options only 35 minutes away from Niall´s flat. It would be perfect. I new I wanted to settle with Niall, i was just waiting so i was a bit older to make that decision. I knew that that´s what he wanted too! My dad agreed upon everything and we finished the skype conference. I skyped my mom and told her about my decision. At first she didn´t really agree, but she said that it would be a great experience for me, even though she would miss me. We finished the conference call.


Me and Niall went to the school i was going to study at and we filled in all the papers. I would already start in 2 weeks! Then we looked at some apartments near Niall´s flat and i chose the third one we saw because it was just perfect. It was small, but that´s exactly how i wanted it to be. So i could make sure to take care of everything in that flat. It had one big bedroom, a living room connected to the dinning room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. It also had a great view. A view to a beaultiful park. Niall filled in all the papers and paid for it.

Dad had already bought the plane ticket to i decided i would go back to America, say my final good-byes and paack the rest of my things like: all my clothes, my photo frames, my radio/cd player, my computer (not laptop, actual computer), some posters(1D, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, etc). I even packed somethings i knew i would need like, my telephone (not my cellphone, but the one we have at home), my niht stand lamp, etc. I even got my dad to send me some furniture like, my bed, my desk, the little sofa i have in my room. He also said that he could give me money for me to buy some new furniture for my new home!

So i packed everything, said my good-byes to everyone and went back to London.

When i got there, i went furniture shopping with the boys. I used the money my dad gave me to bye a new sofa( a big one to put in the living room), a table with four seats(for the dinning room) , a fridge, a oven and a centre table for the living room. I also bought some rugs and carpets and ordered the curtains to be installed. Each one of the boys gave a present too( except for Niall, who had already given me the apartment.). Liam gave me a 42´ plasma TV. Zayn gave me a XBOX. Louis gave me three small packages. One had knifes, forks and spoons. The other one had dishes, bowls and pans. The last one had a giant stuffed animal. A bear. How cute. Harry gave me the washing machine. So finally i had everything i needed for a brand new home.

Me and the boys opened a champanhe and played with my new XBOX. Like a welcome party. One more week and i would be back to school. But this time, at London.

 I went back to Amber´s  place to thank her for everyhting and tell her the good news. She was super excited and said that we could hang out together whenever i wanted. It feels like my cousin is my bestfriend. I dont know why. When i was leaving to go back to the Niall´s place Amber came with me and told me she would come with me because Harry would be there, and he asked her out. OMG! that is so fun! My boyfriends bet mate asked my cousin out! And she is 19, just like him! It´s great to see that Harry has finally moved on.

I was also going to start working somewhere, in a temporary job so i could pay the apartment bills. Maybe at Starbucks i guess.

This is it. A new life, new apartment,new school, new job, nem boyfriend. A new ME.

I am certainly going to be very happy here.







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