You are my everything (+13)


Rebecca White is different from the other girls. Maybe it is her past, the situations she has been through that made her a strong and fiercy person. She is a Directioner and she was a lucky bastard that had the chance to meet her idols at a party that her cousin took her to. Since she is a Directioner, we all know that she like the boys, but what will happen if more than one bandmember likes her? Who should back off and who should not? Read more about the adventure of Rebecca spending a month in London.

*this is my first fanfic.**sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, ill do my best*


7. In Between

*Niall´s POV*


I was dancing and having some great fun at that party. I drank a little. Ok, maybe a little bit more than just a little, but who cares?

I decided i would try to make my move on Rebecca. I reeeeally did like her. That was when i noticed she wasant at the dance floor, and neither Harry was. Strange... very strange. 

 I started looking for them all over the house when i remebered the room we were before we headed to the dance floor. i was kinda desperate. I couldnt let Harry take her. 'It seems Harry always gets the girl'(*). Not this time. I slammed the door opened just to find them making out. They quickly broke apart. I went pale and i was surely very disapointed. 


*Harry´s POV* 


After i took her to that room and started talking to her i noticed a very light scar on her wrist. After discovering that she dosen´t self-harm herself anymore she looked annoyed so i had to move, and fast.

I turned her around and asked her if i could kiss her. She obviously noded 'yes', i mean, i am Harry Fucking Styles. I kissed her soft lips and instantly felt sparkles. That girl has something really special. She moved her hand up to the back of my neck, lightly pressing my curls. I love that, it just turns me on. So i decided to the same to her, by lowering my hands. 

Unfortunatly we had to quickly break apart because someone slammed the door opened. It was Niall.


* Back to Rebeca´s POV*


"Hey mate" Harry said, probably trying not to make things worst.

Niall opened his mouth like he was going to say something but didn´t... 

After some awkward secounds he just said:

"Rebecca, can i talk to you?" he said, i nodded, he continued this time looking at Harry " In private"

Harry nodded and as he was walking out, he whipered something to Niall that clearly pissed him off, i could see Nialls fists clentch lightly, but then he relaxed as the only ones in the room were both of us. Just Me and Niall.

"Hey." i said

"Look, Rebecca, i just need you to know something." he said

'Fuck' i thought again

" I really, really like you. And i would just like to get to know you better. Harry made have kissed you but i will show you the person i am. And then you choose. I wanna take you out for lunch tomorrow, what do you say?"

"I just want you to know i don´t wanna cause any trouble between you and Harry, i mean, i am a Directioner and my worst nightmare would be you two fighting. But i would love to have luch with you tomorrow. How about 12:30?"

"Ok, ill pick you up and then ill take you somewhere nice. Here is my phone number" he said, then i got his number and he got my number.


"Ok, i think i should be going now, Amber must be looking for me" i said with a sad look.

"Ok, love, see you tomorrow" He leaned in and was about to kiss me, but didn´t, he stayed inches from my lips for a good 5 secounds then turned and kissed my cheek. After he kissed my cheek he was slowly pulling back from that very inocent kiss when i had a rush of desire then pulled him back.

I grabbed his arm(lightly), aproached to him and kissed him lightly on the lips, not the passionate way,like Harry, but a sweet way, matching his personality, a sweet guy.

After i pulled back, he said:

"Do you know why i didn´t kiss you at first? Because i wanted to show YOU that that´s what you want. I wanted to open your eyes. I needed you to desire the kiss. And now that both of us know that you wanted to do that and that i want you too...."

He leaned in and kissed me, but this time, a little more passionate. Both of us pulled back, smiled and then i left, since Amber must be looking for me.


I left the room first and found Amber. She told me it was finally time to go. We gave friendly hugs to everyone. Paul, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Niall.

Harry and Niall hugged me for a little longer, but that was no surprise. The surprise was, when i was hugging Liam, he whispered:

"I know what is going on, if the situation complicates, you can always talk to me. I will be like your older brother. So will Louis and Zayn. They know it too. You can always count on us."

He slipped a piece of paper in my purse. Later on, i read it and it said:

'We are now your Bro´s and there is no turning back(hahaha). Here are our phone numbers if you ever need us. Neighter one of them will back off and it will be tough for you. If something happens, you can always call or text:' then it had Louis´, Zayn´s and Liam´s phone number. I already had Niall´s. HAHA to the rest of the world, i have the phone number of 4/5 of ONE DIRECTION (just kidding on the mean part, obviously)


We got in the car and drove back to Amber´s house. I took off all my make up, got in my pj´s and went to bed. I checked my phone i had a some texts:


Nialler<3: Hey, love. Excited for tomorrow? Good night, sleep thight!Ps: Liam asked me your phone number and i gave it to him, is that a problem?

Reply to: Nialler<3: Really looking forward to it! good night to you 2! No problem with that, he´s my "bro",hahaha.

Next text:


Liam<3: Hey, love! Niall gave me your phone number, is that okay? plus i gave it to the rest of your bros, Zayn and Louis. Harry might be the only one that dosen´t have it, oooops ;) sleep tight.

Reply to: Liam<3: Yeah, thats fine..! I dont mind if you want to give him my number, its ok. Good night brooo.

Next text:


Unknown number: Hey darling, it is Harry, Liam gave me your number, you can add mine if you want. Niall told me he is taking you out tomorrow.I hope you still remember about our kiss. I will be here if something happens. I am not like the Midia thinks i am. sleep tight.

(after adding his number to my contact list)(Now i have 5/5 of 1D phone numbers, muahahaha)(JK)

Reply to Harry<3:  I just dont want to get in between your friendship with him. i am not sure about my feeling yet. good night :).


And with that i fell asleep, thinking about what a great day i will have tomorrow.




(*) Shout out to "Never gonna change". I had the idea of this chapter while replying your comments.

 Next chapter will be submitted today.


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