You are my everything (+13)


Rebecca White is different from the other girls. Maybe it is her past, the situations she has been through that made her a strong and fiercy person. She is a Directioner and she was a lucky bastard that had the chance to meet her idols at a party that her cousin took her to. Since she is a Directioner, we all know that she like the boys, but what will happen if more than one bandmember likes her? Who should back off and who should not? Read more about the adventure of Rebecca spending a month in London.

*this is my first fanfic.**sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, ill do my best*


21. Getting Ready

*next morning*

I wake up by my phone buzzing. It's Niall.

N: Hey love! How did you sleep? Do you have any plans for today? Do you want to hang out withme and the boys? Just us 6? Xx

R: Hey!! I slept very well, how about you? I dont have any plans for today. Hanging out with my fave. people in the world sounds cool. Xx

N: hahaha, great. Just FYI: you're one of my favourite people in the world to. Pick you up in 30 min. Xx

I went to the bathroom showered quickly and and put my clothes on. A pair of skinny jeans, a white tank top and a opened pink plaid shirt. I added some make up. I grab my pink jansport backpack and put my pajamas, clean clothes, my toothbrush, my wallet, my cellphone, my sunglasses and the spare keys that Amber gave me.
I went downstairs and left a note on the living room saying that i left early and that i would sleep over at Nialls place. I told her that she didnt need to worry and that if she needed anything she could call me whenever she wanted to.
I grabbed a apple and drank some orange juice. Just then, there was a knock on the door. And there waited my beloved boyfriend.

Authio's note. Sorry for the short chapter. I also havent updated in a long time. This chapter was for you guys remember that i am still here, writting. I will update the next chapter really soon, i hope. I will be about Rebecca's sleep over with the boys and it will be a good obe. I'll do my best.

Thanks for reading it so far.
Love yaaa!!!!


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