Please be mine

Its a One Direction Fanfic about how Nialler cant get his mind off of Lindsey. Youll just have to read to ind out what happens.


6. Chapter 6

Lindseys POV-
Alright I look like a total slob! I wish I actually had some nice clothes right now even though I hate girly clothes there just so uncomfortable! This sparkly purple top is kinda cute I guess? And jeans go with it ok perfect oh yeah my friend gave me some toms for my birthday so I will put on those (they are silver which makes it perfect because it goes with just about anything) Ok now I look a little better maybe I should go run a brush through my hair and scrub my teeth so they are perfect and smell minty fresh!
Nialls POV-
After eatting six pancakes I was still hungry wait where did Lindsey go? I just saw her like fie minutes ago before I started eating. I guess I got to lost in my food. Would it be weird to go find her yeah I think it would cause she is probley in her room. "meeting in the living room!!" yelled Lindseys dad everyone got up to see what he wanted I wonder what he is gonna say now?
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