Please be mine

Its a One Direction Fanfic about how Nialler cant get his mind off of Lindsey. Youll just have to read to ind out what happens.


4. Chapter 4

Lindseys POV-
When Harry said he was hungry I decided to go make them some food because I needed to process all this! First of all a great first impression I made I look like a total sloob and all I can manage to say is "Im your biggest fan!" I bet they hear that al lot. First things first I meed to male them their food. What food do we even have? How about pancakes Im mot even sure what they like to eat. I do know one thing though Niall will eat anything! Maybe some eggs ro go with it? I think I will go safe and jut make some pancakes. After ten minutes of working my butt off over the hot stove I yell "breakfast is served!" Its scary how fast they came when they heard the food was ready! Its was like a stampede of elephants. I set the table all fancy and put out all our drinks so they could pick what they wanted.
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