Please be mine

Its a One Direction Fanfic about how Nialler cant get his mind off of Lindsey. Youll just have to read to ind out what happens.


3. Chapter 3

Harrys POV-
Might I say even though she isn't wearing fancy clothes and a lot of makeup and jewelry she looks beautiful, the way he hair falls perfectly and her natural beauty comes out I think Im in love... "Harry, HArry, HARRY!" snap out off it! Louis shouts. I guess I was staring for to long and Louis needs to calm down! He is way to awake for 9:30 in the morning. Im starving hum would it be rude to ask for food? "umm excuse me may I please have some food Im starving!" "Oh me to!!" Niall says but Niall always wants food so theres no surprise there. "Sure Lindsey's dad say um.." "Ill go make something for them dad don't worry" Lindsey says excitedly. Well I guess this is my chance to talk to her? "Ill go help her because I asked for the food" I said trying not to sound nervous or desperate. "Harry I think se can mange to make a couple pancakes anyways we have to talk about your tour thats coming up." Says Lindsey's dad.
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