Please be mine

Its a One Direction Fanfic about how Nialler cant get his mind off of Lindsey. Youll just have to read to ind out what happens.


2. Chapter 2

Lindseys POV-
Lindsey this is One Direction I think you are familiar with them since you have a million posters in your room with their faces on them, my dad says mockingly. My first thought was to scream and cry but I pulled myself together and said "Oh my god I am your biggest fan!!" and yes if your wondering thats pulling it together. Harry stands up an says "hello love what is your name?" Zany says "nice to meet you." Louis tell me a lot about himself then says nice to meet you after being self centered about himself. Liam who I think is the most responsible and mature shakes my hand and says hello. And lastly Niall, Niall is my favorite out of all the boys so when he stood up to tell me hi I couldnt help but blush which made him do the same. He is just so adorable Louis saw us blush and yelled at the top of his lounges "AWW NIALL LOVE LINDSEY NIALL LOVES LINDEY!!!!" Niall glared at him and his face got so red I though it was a tomato! Alright comments my dad "Lindsey I got a new job and I am now One Directions manager.
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