Please be mine

Its a One Direction Fanfic about how Nialler cant get his mind off of Lindsey. Youll just have to read to ind out what happens.


1. Chapter 1

Lindseys POV-
"Lindsey get out of bed breakfast is ready!" shouted my dad. Sometimes he annoys me but i know he loves me. I decide to lie in bed for a couple more minutes to fully wake up. "LINDSEY!" ugh nevermind I guess Ill get up now. I get ready in my tiny room I wish I had a bigger one. Girls take so much time and space to get ready I guess you can say i get ready like a man then cause I never have time or space. My mom passed away five years ago in a car accident so I don't get fashion advice living with my dad and two brothers. I throw on a plain blue t-shirt and some jeans with my shoes I never really got into fashion and shopping since my mom died sometimes I even borrow clothes from my brothers! They are both older than me Josh is 19 and Michael is 21 which makes me 17. I run downstairs and to my surprise I see five guys staring at me.
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