Trying To Escape. *COMPLETE*

Riley has lived a fairly normal life. Except she does boxing, kick boxing, and karate. So I guess you could say that she's pretty trained in self-defense. Now most people would think that unless you want to be a professional boxer her skills are pretty useless, well for her that's not the case. When she gets kidnapped by the one direction boys she's pretty thankful that she's been doing karate since she was 3, boxing since she was 4, and kick boxing since she was 6.


39. Time Travel -NeverShoutNever



   ~Riley's P.O.V~ -Four Days Later-


   We were finally 'home'. I'm actually starting to wonder which is better, hospital or 'home', their both equally shitty, just in different ways. "Hey Liam?" I asked dragging out his name. He nodded, stifling a yawn. You see hospitals are really, really uncomfortable. "Can you please, please, please watch Christopher while take a nap?" He groaned but obliged. "You don't have to stay down here though, you can come upstairs." He followed me upstairs, and into 'my' bedroom. I got comfortable under the duvet with my head on Liam's lap.


   I woke up a few hours later, and Liam was asleep next to me. He had one arm around me, and one around Christopher. Aw, that's so cute! I kissed Liam on the cheek attempting to wake him up, in which I succeeded. He groaned, then opened his eyes. "What? Oh, sorry Riles. I shouldn't have-" I cut him off, and what I did to keep him from talking surprised even me. I kissed him and without hesitation he kissed back. It turned into a make out session, but sadly I had to pull away. Even though I loved how soft his lips felt on mine. The way they melted perfectly into mine. How our lips moved in sync. Okay Riley, I'm gonna stop you right there.


   "Not here or now, but uh, I have to tell you something."




   "Well I really hate to admit this..." he gave me a worried look. "But  think I like you. Like, A LOT. Like, like-like though..." I mumbled looking down. He grabbed my chin making me look him in the eye. His face looked relieved. "I may even love you..." I said looking down again.


   "I think I might love you to." He whispered. I looked back into his eyes, and I've never seen so much perfection in one person. He leaned in and kissed me again. the kiss was filled with love and passion. I've made my decision.


   "Actually I don't think, I know." I whispered against his lips.


   "Me too." He whispered back. And from this moment on, no one else mattered. I knew who I wanted. I wanted Liam. He's the one. I snuggled back into his chest, holding my child in my arms. Liam wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head. Liam was the one. My one and only.





    DON'T KILL ME, BUUT this is the end. I might start a sequel next month or something. But I don't know. It depends on how much you guys want one. Sooo with that being said, I think I'm going to focus on another book for now. BUT I want you guys to choose. I have a few saved as draft and those are the ones I'm going to publish and start focusing one. Now, which one do you want me to work on.

       1) A girl who is an orphan

       2) Three girls being sold as slaves

       3) A graffiti artist (One Direction is not famous in this one)

       4) A skateboarder

       5) A CIA agent

I promise the actual stories are much better than that, and I've already started them and checked for typos. So, yeah, uh, if you actually like my writing and want to read more please tell me what you want to read next and I'll start the sequel to this (if you want one) within the next two months. Uh, thanks for sticking with me through this whole thing I appreciate it SO MUCH, like, you have NO idea how grateful I am for all the favorites, like, and views! But yeah I love all you guys so much! Oh, and I promise my books in the future will be so much better executed, and way more detailed than this one!

~Charlotte xx

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