Trying To Escape. *COMPLETE*

Riley has lived a fairly normal life. Except she does boxing, kick boxing, and karate. So I guess you could say that she's pretty trained in self-defense. Now most people would think that unless you want to be a professional boxer her skills are pretty useless, well for her that's not the case. When she gets kidnapped by the one direction boys she's pretty thankful that she's been doing karate since she was 3, boxing since she was 4, and kick boxing since she was 6.


33. No I Wont

Anna's POV

My head hurts. My legs hurt. And most importantly I hurt. Everywhere. I don't know what happened to me. I really don't. And I'd rather not find out. I'm scared. Broken. Broken and scared. Riley isn't much better. Her pregnant state, well... she looks like she's about to give birth any second. Which would be bad, for her, the baby and the rest of us. Zayn doesn't care about it. He says if the lad is going to come now, then he will. I hope for Liam's sake it doesn't. He's a bit squeamish around blood and gore. Like me. But I can't believe Justin Bieber would do that. My idol. What the... well I don't swear but I'll let you finish that.

"Is everyone alright?" Liam asked, his face dirty, eyes worried.

"Yeah. Yes." We all chorused. Except for Riley. She didn't reply. In fact she was still out. "What did they do to her?" Zayn asked.

"They put a cloth over her nose and mouth. Then I blacked out." I muttered struggling to remember.

"Cloth..." We all looked at Riley. The cloth was still around her nose and mouth. Liam dove and grabbed the cloth from her mouth. He held it to his face. He nearly blacked out. "Gah. That is not chloroform." Zayn grabbed it from him. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he dropped the cloth. "Ok. That is something else, obviously. Ow. My head. When she wakes up she'll have a hell of a headache." I checked her pulse. "Yeah. She will. She's still alive. Just unconcious."

I hate it when people kidnap my friends and hurt them physically as well as emotionally.

At that point Justin strolled in. Seeing us all awake his eyes widened, before he turned to darted out of the room. Not before Zayn grabbed his ankles and tackled him to the ground. "What the hell man?" Justin groaned. Obviously he had never been beat up before. "What. Did. You. Do. To. Her." Liam spat, his usual happy go lucky self angry and forboding. He really cared about her. Riley is lucky to have a guy like him. I hate people who treat others like shit. I seem to hate a lot of things right now.

Justin wriggled free. Climbing to his feet. "Go to hell brits." He stomped out of the room, dusty and a little bit ruffled. I stared after him, almost longingly. "Anna? Hey Anna?" I didn't reply. Oh my GOD. Justin Bieber walked past me, and didn't speak a word to me. I felt like crying. "Ooh. Anna's got a crush."

"Shut up Zaynie ani ani." I growled wiping my face hastily as the tears started to overflow.

"Zaynie ani ani?" He stared at me clueless.

"Ugh. Forget it."

"You like Justin Bieber."

"Yeah. And?"

"Do you like me?"

"No. Shut up."

That officially ended our conversation. Well actually it was Louis who ended it. "I hope you are all happy. Justin just said he was going back to Canada and he's never helping me again. What the fuck did you do to him?"

"Well. There's always Cody Simpson." Liam said, pretending to look on the bright side.

"Ugh. I can't stand him and his ridiculous accent. Niall."

Niall walked in, grabbed me and Riley- who was still unconcious- by our necks and dragged us out the room. I heard shouting, and distress. Two loud thumps then nothing. Harry walked out, followed by Louis. I swallowed, shaking like a leaf. Harry put an arm on my shoulder- probably meant to be reassuring, but it made me want to cower on the floor. I remember how that arm had held me to him... "Hey, love. Don't cry." He smirked, wiping away my tears. Menacingly. He picked me up in his arms, while Niall picked up Riley. Louis followed me. 

"Now. Let's get this show on the road."

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