Trying To Escape. *COMPLETE*

Riley has lived a fairly normal life. Except she does boxing, kick boxing, and karate. So I guess you could say that she's pretty trained in self-defense. Now most people would think that unless you want to be a professional boxer her skills are pretty useless, well for her that's not the case. When she gets kidnapped by the one direction boys she's pretty thankful that she's been doing karate since she was 3, boxing since she was 4, and kick boxing since she was 6.


35. I Need A Doctor -Dr. Dre

~Riley's P.O.V~


  Anna and I were eating the breakfast that Niall had made, and it was surprisingly edible. When I was about half way through my breakfast I felt something wet trickle down my leg. Almost immediately a blood curdling scream followed. All the boys -including Louis- bolted upstairs. Worried expression plaster across them, well with the exception of Louis.


  "what happened?!" Anna panicked.


  "M-my water broke." I stuttered. Liam and Zayn were by my side in a split second.


  Weird, I thought, since when do they get along? I brushed it off as 'heat of the moment accident'. 


  We all rushed to the car, with Harry driving, Louis in the passenger seat, and the rest of us squeezed in the back. The car ride to the hospital was- well I'll spare you the details. Once we got the hospital I was escorted to the pregnancy ward, and placed in a plain white room. All the boys and Anna filed into the room.


  "Okay, Ms..." the doctor trailed off.


  "Riley," I panted.


  "Ah, yes, Riley. Well I'm Doctor Richard, and I must inform you, you can only have three guest in your room during child birth." he explained. I nodded.


  "Harry, Niall, Louis, leave." I demanded with the little bit of energy I had left. Reluctantly the all left, but I swear I saw a flash off disappointment on Louis face. My pregnancy went- well again I'll spare you the details. So basically what went down was; I squeezed Liam and Anna's hands so hard I'm surprised they didn't break, and I screamed bloody murder.


  "here he is, uh..." he trialed off unsure of what to call the baby.


  "Christopher." I told him. I saw a slight streak of anger flash across Zayns face. Probably got his panties in a bunch over the fact I didn't name the baby 'Dakota'. "Uh, Christopher Evan Jones." A huge smile enveloped Anna features. You see, I promised her my first born would have 'Evan' in their name, in honor of her dead brother. Also, I used my adopted name 'Jones' instead of my birth name 'Tomlinson', because I refuse to refer to myself as a Tomlinson after the hell that family has put me through.


  "Okay, Christopher Evan Jones. Who are his godparents?" This question caught me off guard. After all that's happened it never occurred to me that my child had to have godparents, on the off chance that something happens to me and no family will take him in. After a few minutes on contemplating the question I finally came to a conclusion.


  "Anna and Tristan." I replied. I looked at Anna and her face had a full blown ear to ear smile. Tristan was Anna's boyfriend, but he is also a close friend to us both, so if something were to happen to their relationship -which I doubt anything will- we'll still be close.


  "Okay, thank you. You should be able to leave in a few days if everything goes okay, and little Christopher is healthy." The Doctor explained. I just nodded. "Would you like me to go get the other boys?" I thought about this for a moment. Of course I didn't want them to come in, but better sooner than later. Plus, I can lay down the ground rules. I nodded once again. He left and then Liam said his first word, since I almost broke his and Anna's hand.


  "Can I hold him?" He asked. Again I nodded. I handed Christopher to Liam, and Liam graciously took him. Anna and Zayn remained quite, but I new after what had just happened there wasn't much to say. Because that 'congratulations' or 'he's so adorable' or 'what a little angel' or any of that shit is just made for scripts, made for people who get payed millions of dollars an hour just to talk in front of a camera.


  All the other boys walked in, and Louis sent a smirk towards Anna, which got me worried. They all sat in the oh-so comfortable plastic hospital chairs. The tension got almost unbearable, and this is one of those rare times when I wish Louis was his old cheerful, loud, funny self. To bad after he left he put all that behind him, and turned into well, that.


  About an hour, maybe two, the boys and Anna decided to leave. Well with the exception of Liam and Zayn.


  What is up with these two, I thought, getting along? They would never. Unless... I quickly snapped myself  out of my weird, impossible thoughts.


  "No Anna, please don't leave!" I begged, being almost one hundred percent positive of events that would go on between her and Louis if she did. She sighed but agreed. "Sorry. I'll explain later though." She nodded probably knowing I wasn't in the mood for arguing, and by the looks of it she wasn't either.


  That night no one really got a 'good nights' sleep. It was mostly a restless, dreamless, uncomfortable sleep.




Love you guys! Sorry for such the long wait! And my shit-ass excuses! And taking so long! And not having a good reason! I just- I'm sorry okay?! Is that not good enough for you?! Well then! hmph! just kidding! But seriously I really am truly sorry! Also I've been told authors notes are getting annoying, well sorry! Just thought I'd apologize! Mwah!


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