Trying To Escape. *COMPLETE*

Riley has lived a fairly normal life. Except she does boxing, kick boxing, and karate. So I guess you could say that she's pretty trained in self-defense. Now most people would think that unless you want to be a professional boxer her skills are pretty useless, well for her that's not the case. When she gets kidnapped by the one direction boys she's pretty thankful that she's been doing karate since she was 3, boxing since she was 4, and kick boxing since she was 6.


3. Help me.

~Riley's P.O.V~

I woke up in a dark room, I heard voices outside the door, but couldn't quite make out what thu were saying. I figured trying to relax wouldn't could it? As soon as I started to get comfortable the door Burst open, and five figured stood in my doorway.

"What the fuck do you want?!" I say up and screamed at them.

"Watch you language young lady!" A curly hair boy yelled back.

That was it. I wasn't about to be told what to do by a group of assholes. I walked right up to curly and slapped him across that face.

"Ow!" He yelped in pain.
1 Riley 0 douchebags.

"Aw, I'm sorry that a girl can punch harder than you." I cooed sarcastically.

Suspenders gave them all a look. One that either says 'now' or 'man up bitch'.

Well turns out it meant now, because one with a pushed me over to the bed.

He sat on my legs (smart boy) And forced my arms above my head. Just before he slammed his lips to mine.

Well, bet you're thinking he has me in a situation I can't get out of? Well... You're absolutely correct!

He started kissing down my neck, and it took everything not to moan. He pulled my shirt up ever so slowly like he was trying to tease me. Well I have new for you quiffy, that longer you take that happier I am. As if he read he mind, he jerked the shirt right off my body. I was now laying there in my bra and shorts. Wonderful. He started trailing kisses down my stomach, ending at my shorts. One of his hands let go of my wrists, and slowly made its way down my stomach. His large hand -in one swift movement- removed my shorts. Leaving me there lying and my panties bra. While he was still fully clothed. Shit, I spoke to soon. Both of his hands detached from my wrists, and he took off his shirt as well as his pants. I have to admit he looked super sexy in his Calvin Klein boxers. No, Riley noes not the time! I mentally screamed at myself. He must've noticed my staring because he then said "you like what you see babe?"

"Oh, hell no!" Snapped. "Will you please just get this over with?!"

"Ooh, someone wants me"

"To leave me alone" I smirked.

"You're a stubborn girl. Maybe to stubborn for your own good."

I didn't say anything, seeing as he had me in a bad position I was a afraid my big mouth would get me in an even worse one.

He smirked knowing he had me right where he wanted. With one hand, he in clasped my bra. I bit my lip not liking the feeling of being so exposed. A huge smirk grew on his lips knowing what he was doing. Slowly but surely he removed my panties, he shoved his fingers inside. I let out a loud moan.

"You like that don't you"

"N-no" I just barely managed to stutter out.

He took his fingers out and slammed his dick inside of me. I let out a huge moan before he exit me.

"You injoyed that" he said with a smirk.

After he said that he stood up, got dressed, and left.

You won't cry! You just won't Riley! You're stronger than that. I get yelling in my head.

I was stupid to think he was the only one, because just then the door burst open...

Blah this chapter sucks and I am so very sorry for that. But, I am very tired and I promise the next chapter will be somewhat better.
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