Trying To Escape. *COMPLETE*

Riley has lived a fairly normal life. Except she does boxing, kick boxing, and karate. So I guess you could say that she's pretty trained in self-defense. Now most people would think that unless you want to be a professional boxer her skills are pretty useless, well for her that's not the case. When she gets kidnapped by the one direction boys she's pretty thankful that she's been doing karate since she was 3, boxing since she was 4, and kick boxing since she was 6.


31. Getting even.

~Riley's P.O.V~

I walked in to see both Harry and Niall sitting around casually, as if I didn't know what had gone on in here moments before. I marched over to Harry, and grabbed him by his hair. Pulling him up so that we were at eye level. Niall got up and sprinted towards to door, but before he could Liam and Zayn stepped together, so their shoulders were touching. Blocking his way out.

"Listen Curly, you can hurt me, but when you hurt the ones I love things get personal. I've taken pity on you time and time again, but not this time. I'm going to make you suffer. Day and night. Making it so you're afraid to sleep. Afraid to blink. Make it so that whenever you close your eyes you see horrible memories of what's I've done. Make it so that wherever you look you see me. I'll make sure that you're scared to turn the lights off. Scared to be alone. You'll have to have someone guard the door before you feel safe enough to take a piss. I'll make your life hell Styles. A hell you'll never be able to escape." His body tensed up, and his now fear stricken eyes clamped shut, awaiting the first blow. "Open your eyes. I want you to see yourself in pain!" I hissed. He opened his eyes to a small squint, making them look like crescents. I sighed exasperated, knowing that was all I was going to get out of him.

My fist flew through the air, punching him as hard as I could in the stomach. He doubled over in pain, but I quickly changed that. After pulling his head back up, I punched him just as hard in the jaw and nose. I smiled triumphantly at his now bloody nose, and rapidly bruising jaw. Deciding not to rip out his precious curls, I quickly pinned him against the wall. My arm pressed against his neck, restraining his ability to breathe. I kneed him in the stomach, right where I punched him, causing him to double over in pain, but with my arm playing as a restraint the only thing he accomplished was almost choking himself. He let out a low gag, as well as a single tear.

I leaned down to his ear, and whispered, "I won't kill you, I promise. I don't have the heart. Plus ninety-nine percent of the earths population would be out to get me." Relief flooded over his features, and I slightly lessened the pressure on his neck. " But bear in mind, Styles, if you ever lay another finger in her without her consent, the pain you will endure will be nothing close to this. In fact it would make this look like a couple cuts and bruises." I spat before I gave him one last blow to the jaw, and elbowed him in the chest with enough force to violently knock him back onto the chair he was on when I came in.

Then, I walked over to Blondie and grabbed him by his ear. He got three blows to the jaw (two on the right and one in the left). Then, I kneed him in the stomach. While he was hunched over I dug my elbow into his spine, twisting until he fell over. Once he was on the ground I bent over, and grabbed him by his hair, pulling him up, so he was at full height. I then kneed him where the sun don't shine, and punched him in the nose, hearing a cracking noise immediately after contact. After, I -just as I did with Harry- elbowed him in the chest, making him stumble back, but instead he hit the wall. Then, I delivered and uppercut to the underside of his chin, and pushed him back on the couch he was originally on. "Same with you Blondie, if you ever touch another hair on her head, the condition you're in right now will the like a few minor cuts and bruises." I spat.

Then I rushed over to where Zayn and Liam were - hunched over Anna. She was a mess. Shaking and crying, obviously terrified of the previous events.

"I'm so sorry, Anna. This is all my fault. None of this would've happened if I didn't loose my temper earlier. None of this would've happened if I didn't leave." I said, blaming everything on myself.

"No, it's my fault. I should've gone with you. If it weren't for me you wouldn't even be here." She cried. I was about to reply, but Lou walked in.

"What the fuck, Riley?! What the hell did you do to them?!" He screamed.

"You know, it's funny Lou. You didn't care when they hurt me, and you don't care that they hurt Anna. But when I hurt them- hold the phone, it's the end of the world, we're all gonna die a painful tragic death! I don't get." I said. He was speechless, so I picked Anna up and carried her to my room. I grabbed a pair of sweats and an oversized T-shirt, handing them to her.

"Thanks." She whispered, and out them on.

"Sleep. You've had an... eventful day." I said calmly.

"Stay?" She asked.

"I'm not going anywhere." I replied.

"Thank you." She mumbled right before she drifted off to sleep.

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