With You Till The End (a one direction fanfic) Book 1

Jackie and her friends Nicole, C.J., Kim, and Amanda are going to Europe for the first time! They're so excited to get there and have a fun summer vacation. Turns out that they bump into one of the biggest boy bands in the world... One Direction! They all become friends immediately but they might become more than that... Read to find out what happens!

Hope you will enjoy it!


8. They are in love but in a complicated way

Jackie's P.O.V

I seriously think Nicole, Amanda, and Kim all like Louis. This actually might be interesting to watch. I'm actually wondering who's gonna win. Well enough thinking about this they're talking about something and asking me something that I would've known if I was paying attention.

"Jackie...?" Harry said looking worried.

"Yea" I said.

"What were you just doing?" he asked.

"Just thinking..." I answered.

"Well I want you all to introduce yourselves to the rest of the group" he said.

"Ok so as you all know already is that I'm Jackie"

"I'm Nicole"

"I'm Amanda"

"I'm C.J."

"And I'm Kim"

Niall's P.O.V.

So her name is C.J.... I wonder what her real name is...I bet its really pretty. Just like her smile...

Liam's P.O.V.

Her name is Kim...that's the most beautiful name I have ever heard. I know for sure I'm in love with her.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Amanda...she's so beautiful. I'm speechless right now.






Sorry to keep all of you in suspense of not knowing who they like. I was really busy this week.

But other than that I hope you all liked this chapter it's short but I hope it good enough to read for now!

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