With You Till The End (a one direction fanfic) Book 1

Jackie and her friends Nicole, C.J., Kim, and Amanda are going to Europe for the first time! They're so excited to get there and have a fun summer vacation. Turns out that they bump into one of the biggest boy bands in the world... One Direction! They all become friends immediately but they might become more than that... Read to find out what happens!

Hope you will enjoy it!


4. She's the one

Harry's P.O.V.

It's so crowded at the hotel we're staying at and all I see are screaming girls. This happens everyday and sometimes it just gets so annoying. But today was different, I saw one specific girl standing and smiling. I was thinking of what her name is and that I wanted to meet her so badly. Then suddenly, Niall got me back to reality.

"C'mon mate, let's go to the hotel room" Niall said.

"I'm so tired from girls chasing us ALL DAY!" Liam said sounding really tired.

"Ok, I'll meet you there. What's the room number?" I asked.

"226 why?" Zayn asked feeling suspicious.

"I want to grab a snack at the vending machine" I lied. Well kind of I was hungry but I really wanted to meet that girl. I'm absolutely sure she's the one.

Jackie's P.O.V.

Why are these girls not leaving already? They already got to see One Direction but why won't they leave?

"We can't get in the hotel this way" I pointed out.

"Well let's see if there's another entrance" Amanda said.

Apparently, there was an entrance in the back that the fans didn't notice(which was a good thing). So we went in and I thought I saw someone I knew very well.

No. This can't be... that's not who I think it is...is it? 

Omg. It's Harry Styles.





Hope the last part was suspenseful for you guys! As I said I'll update asap because of school but I'll do my best to at least put a chapter up each night!

Don't forget if you really like my story so far please like or favorite. And if you want to tell me what should happen next comment. And I'm planing on calling everyone directioners is that good or something else? I'm not sure give a suggestion if you have one!

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