With You Till The End (a one direction fanfic) Book 1

Jackie and her friends Nicole, C.J., Kim, and Amanda are going to Europe for the first time! They're so excited to get there and have a fun summer vacation. Turns out that they bump into one of the biggest boy bands in the world... One Direction! They all become friends immediately but they might become more than that... Read to find out what happens!

Hope you will enjoy it!


2. Finally got to Europe

"Wake up! We're in Europe!" Nicole said excitedly shaking me like crazy. I guess I slept on the way here to Europe.

"C'mon let's go to the hotel and then go sightseeing!" Kim said.

"We should definately go sightseeing and maybe we'll see some popular people!" Amanda suggested.

"Yea, definately" C.J. answered.

So we went to the hotel and got settled by putting our stuff in the drawers. Then we went to change to get ready for sightseeing. When we were ready, we all ran out of the hotel and went into a car (don't know if they call it something else). First, we went to a cafe to grab food and eat. When we were walking on the streets we came up to a bunch of screaming girls! I had no idea why they were here and what they were doing but it probably had to do with someone famous.

"Wanna check it out?" I asked.

"Maybe we shouldn't, we might get crushed finding out who it is" C.J. said.

"Well there's still the Queen of England!" Nicole said as we all laughed.

"What are we standing here for? Let's go!" I said.

We went to the palace where the queen lived but unfortunately she wasn't there. I was pretty sad that we couldn't get to see her cause of the joke earlier. Oh well, we still have tons of places to go to anyways. I wonder if I'll get to meet One Direction.....




Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving! I had time to make another chapter so hope it makes you want to read the next one!

And if you want me to update I'll do it ASAP because I have school and do you want me to fail? I hope not. Well, thanks for reading! Please favorite, like, comment, and become a fan!

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